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Natural Insomnia Cure At Home - A 10 Point Check List

So, you are looking for an all natural treatment for sleeplessness, do you? Then, you had better read through this checklist to make sure you're doing everything needed to naturally cure your sleeplessness problems.

A 10-Point Checklist for Natural Insomnia Treatment...

- I rest and sleep on a firm mattress that provides support for my body weight completely. I do not sink into the bedding, nor do I have difficulty in rising from the bed when I need to.

- Before bed, I always have a warm shower to loosen up myself and alleviate stress.

- I make certain I do NOT watch television or read 30 minutes before going to bed, because I know it will activate my mind and keep me from falling asleep as quickly as I would like.

- I note down all my difficulties & bothers on a piece of paper and keep them there before I retire to bed. By doing this, my troubles and bothers won't stop me from getting the sleep I require.

- I always keep my bed for a place of sleep. I don't listen to music or read while in my bed, nor do I plan my day-to-day activities while in bed. Once I get into bed, it's resting time, period.

- If I want to have a snack before going to sleep, I make certain it has the amino acid L-trypthopan; poultry, turkey, cottage cheese, cashews, etc.

- I always go to sleep around the same time every night, because this makes sure that my body would be conditioned to know exactly when I should go to sleep.

- I sleep in an atmosphere which is dark and nicely ventilated. If I am ever afraid of the dark, I use a night light with a time regulator.

- If I feel I am overly agitated and need to loosen up before going to sleep, I have some natural herbal tea or a glass of lukewarm milk.

- I NEVER EVER take naps during daytime, as I know this could prevent me from getting the sleep I require at nighttime.

If you need to, note down the above suggestions down or take a print out. By following this checklist, you would be on a sure road to alleviating insomnia in a natural way. Do you have to do everything on this list? No, certainly not; but the more you choose to do, the better your odds are of naturally curing insomnia.

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