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Natural Acne Cures - Erase Zits Without Breaking The Bank

Many people during their adolescent years experience the skin condition called acne. It can also occur in grown ups, particularly expecting mothers and those having menstrual periods. Acne is mainly caused by a combination of hormonal activity within the body, excess sebum oil formation in the skin and bacteria. There are many ways to treat acne, from technical therapies using modern lasers and skin abrading tools to many different homeopathic and holistic techniques. Lots of people who suffer from acne want to use natural acne cures to be able to treat the skin condition effectively and affordably.

Natural acne cures that are holistic and homeopathic begin with basic lifestyle factors like hygiene and nutrition so that you can insure that your body is clean and healthy. 2 times a day the areas that are affected by acne must be washed well by using a cleanser that is not abrasive and that contains sulfur. The sulfur controls the bacteria that causes acne and using a gentle soap and applicator makes sure that the infection doesn't spread. Hair must be washed daily so that oil contained in it doesn't contaminate skin areas with acne. Pillow cases should also be washed often.

Common medical opinion is that sweet and greasy foods don't cause acne however the nutrition that the body gets is extremely important in its capability to control the factors that can cause acne. The human body must get enough minerals and vitamins every day in order to have the ability to combat free radicals and toxins that affect the skin's condition. Great nutrition equals healthy and spot free skin. A wide range multi-vitamin is an excellent place to start and some extra vitamin A will help to strengthen skin tissue and act as an antioxidant for toxins while zinc is known as a bacteria fighter.

Many natural cures for acne also incorporate some things that shouldn't be done, specifically scratching, squeezing or picking at the acne lesions, blackheads and pimples in your face and body. Women should also avoid using makeup because this could cause pores in the skin to clog up. Do drink lots of water to help keep skin hydrated as healthy skin demands a high level of moisture. Exercise such as yoga may also benefit the situation by reducing stress and getting the skin to sweat and help clean out pores in the skin. Physical exercise also improves your overall health and helps clear acne.

Lots of different lotions, creams and face masks can be made from natural, holistic substances that are mild and don't damage your skin while treating acne. One of the oldest facial treatments is honey and it's been utilized for millennia. Powerful enzymes in the gel coming from the aloe vera plant fight against bacteria and are also a highly effective anti-inflammatory. Found in Melaleuca tree tea oil is really a potent anti-bacterial agent. Using a mixture of honey, rose-water and tomato pulp like a facial mask for 20 minutes may clean skin and it is suggested by a lot of professionals of homeopathic treatments.

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