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Common Lack Of Sleep Effects - What Is Causing Severe Lack Of Sleep Problems?

Sleep deprivation effects can be minimal or they may be substantial, depending on your specific sleeping habits. Should they be small and you only have a "mild" case of sleep deprivation, then your day to day life probably will not be all that heavily affected. However, if your "run in" with sleeplessness is more long term, the effects of sleep deprivation on your life are going to be particularly more severe as a result.

How Sleeping Problems Can Affect You...

The biggest effect of insomnia is the decrease in focus and mental ability that affects you. As opposed to being able to operate as you normally would, your extreme insomnia will cause you to do things as though you are in slow motion. Everything around you will seem way too quick to keep up with. Because of this, the simplest tasks during the day will seem almost impossible for you to do -- regardless of whether that be completing the days work, picking a meal for dinner, answering a question, or just having a chat with a friend.

Another one of the more serious sleep deprivation effects is response time. Lack of sleep and reaction time are closely linked; meaning if you are not getting ample rest, your dexterity and reaction time will go out the window almost entirely. This may not mean much should you work in an office or if you work from home, but it could literally mean the difference between life and death if you work at a place which demands your absolute attention -- driving a truck or working with heavy machinery, for example.

What Causes Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation, or even just mild lack of sleep, may be attributable to essentially anything; including poor diet, depression, being over stressed, withdrawal from drugs, frequent changes to work schedule, loud noises & sounds, unpleasant room temperature, anxiety, and a whole host of other factors. The unfortunate thing about the causes of insomnia is that they're far too numerous to nail down effectively. This means that even if you find out the cause of your insomnia, it may only be a single element of the problem.

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