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Can Cellulite Reduction Pants Eliminate Cellulite?

The skin condition known as cellulite could happen to any female somewhere around the mid 30's and, contrary to common opinion, it can happen to all women, not only those that have a weight problem. The skin condition is attributable to an excess of body fat building up under the skin, therefore being obese can make cellulite much worse. Cellulite could occur because of many different reasons like aging, genetics, lack of good nutrition and not enough exercise or a combination of these things. Many methods are promoted as eliminating cellulite and one of those is anti cellulite shorts and pants.

Anti cellulite shorts can be found in a lots of varying styles that work in different ways in order to remove cellulite. The three most typical factors used are compression, massage and heat. The types of shorts which work on the principle of heat are often made of heat retaining materials like spandex or neoprene which use the accumulated heat of the body so as to help eliminate excess fluids that are retained under the skin and are one of the causes of cellulite. These types of material could also place pressure on the skin's surface, improving its appearance.

Some kinds of anti cellulite shorts are designed with the intention that they gently massage the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. Massage has been known as being a way of reducing fat deposits and cellulite ever since ancient times. These shorts use a fabric made of specially designed mesh that has been woven into a specific pattern which causes a micro massage of the skin to happen when the body is in motion. The massage action will release fat from cells and helps the body produce collagen and elastins, the substances that are required for the skin repair. These shorts decrease deposits of fat and make skin healthier.

Some of the newest cellulite reducing shorts available on the market use a combination of these methods that allows you to break down and take away cellulite even faster and more effectively. They incorporate many different bio-ceramic materials into the fabric of the shorts that help to both reflect and produce Far Infrared Rays, or FIR. FIR are long length light waves that generate warmth. Shorts which are manufactured with this material reflect FIR generated by your body and also generating heat waves of their own. A lot of of these kinds of shorts are designed to be worn under day-to-day type garments.

Shorts designed to help the body rid itself of unattractive deposits of fat utilize massage, pressure, heat or a combination of these procedures in an effort to fight against cellulite. There are other things that need to be done in order to effectively eliminate cellulite because anti cellulite shorts cannot do all of the work alone. Correct lifestyle choices should be made that include a healthy, low calorie, low fat diet plus a comprehensive, daily exercise program which can help get cellulite under control and eventually eliminate it from the body, leaving it looking more youthful and healthier.

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