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Recipient Shares Her Cochlear Implant Activation Day

Kate S. takes us to her cochlear implant activation day! Be taught extra about cochlear implants right here: Watch as her cochlear implant sound processor is turned on and see what her preliminary response is to listening to with a cochlear implant.


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  • You will put device inside my skull no thanks hearing aid will do I have see many deaf people who has it said sorry to have it some want to removed after install insurance don’t like pay twice cost round $60,000 or more for one what a joke

  • She is very articulate for a deaf person. Did she lose her hearing gradually over time, or was she born deaf?

  • It is great what can be achieved with implants. My baby is one year old and he needs them, but in our country (Dominican Republic) they are very expensive, they do not have health insurance coverage and we do not have help. It is a dream for us that she can listen and speak.

  • I am scheduled to receive my cochlear implant on September 24th, 2021. I cannot even imagine how it is going to feel on activation day. I’m crying with excitement thinking that I will soon get back some of my hearing. How have you progressed? Are you glad you had this done? Are you Single Sided deaf?