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Rechargeable Hearing Aids are TAKING OVER!

Rechargeable Listening to Aids are TAKING OVER! Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses the change that almost all listening to help customers are making away from disposable battery listening to aids to rechargeable listening to aids.

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  • I love my rechargeable hearing aids, and they have lasted as long as 14 or 16 hours. Have had them for six weeks and my life is happy and much improved. Thank you Dr. Cliff I love your videos.

  • What is the typical length of time per complete charge for these various Phonaks? I'm currently using Starkey Muse IQ 2400 rechargeable and considering getting new devices, since mine are 4 years old.

  • I don't have to bring the recharging unit. I don't have to worry about local power conversion in foreign countries. I can get disposable batteries virtually anywhere. Nope. Pass on rechargeable.

  • I'm on my second pair of Resound LiNX Quattros. I got the first pair in December 2019. I put them in the charger at the end of the day and took them out and put them on in the morning. They would last all day most of the time, only occasionally running low on the late evening. Then after two and a half years they seemed to lose their charge in the early evening. They lasted shorter and shorter, running out early afternoon, then noon, then late morning, then after only a couple of hours. I took them in for a battery change but instead they just swapped them out for completely new ones. They told me to not leave them on the charger over night. Now I'm charging them when I hear the low battery time, which is at 10% charge. I experimented and found they would charge to 100% after about one hour and twenty minutes so I set a time at the beginning of each charge cycle and take them out at the end and that are always 100%. They run low at different times. There are about two and a half hours each day that I have only one hearing aids on while the other charges. My charging case lasts for a week or more where it used to only last 3-4 days before needing to be recharged itself. It's weird that my left aids consistently lasts about 20 hours and my right aids consistently lasts about 15 hours. I do a lot of streaming, which stared in 2020 about 3 months after I got the first pair, due to working from home during and after the pandemic. I wish the batteries were user replacable. I replace the receivers myself when they go bad.

  • Great videos sharing important info, but a bit uncomfortable with them being promoted by a hearing aid producer. Just seems awkward only mentioning Phonak, and none of their competitors.

  • No thanks to rechargeables. I’m a new hearing aid user and to me, the biggest drawback to rechargeables is the inability to change the batteries myself. I surveyed all of my friends who use aids and not one likes rechargeables for that very same reason. Remember the early days of cellphones where if the battery is getting tired it could be easily replaced by the consumer? It nonsense to have to bring an important part of my life to someone where I could easily do it myself.

  • Just got fitted with Oticon More 1’s recently. First rechargeable battery hearing aids I’ve ever had in my 40 years of wearing them and I’ll never go back if I can help it.

    The fact it’s rechargeable is probably more impressive to me than the Deep Neural Network tech that Oticon has (impressive in its own right).

    I’m sure Phonak and the other major hearing aid manufacturers would all make me a rechargeable convert so I’m glad to see it’s gaining widespread adoption!

  • Hii doctor iam from tamilnadu india
    Iam 27 years old boy
    Iam pharmacist student
    Completed in master of pharmacy and going to join phd
    I have 70% hearing loss for both ear
    I did not comfortable to studying phd because of hearing loss
    Iam middies class family also
    Already I have using seimens lotus sp model hearing aid
    This model is not suitable for me because over noise sound is presented in it some times only I used this product many time I did not used it due to heavy noise sound and I didn’t understand others what they ask and come to say means
    Now iam looking for best digital hearing aid
    Some hearing aid centre suggests for signia styletto 1x and oticon ruby 2 model with my budget price
    I don’t know which model I will choose please suggest me doctors which is best hearing aid
    I have money problem also doctor your suggestions is very helpful for my phd studying and life also doctor

  • I have been a Widex in the ear user for many years now. If I use a BTE style aid I still require a powered receiver so I see no sense in a BTE style aid. What are you thoughts and insight into rechargeable ITE style aid. I live in Canada and I have a clinic that I feel follows your good practice standards. (not sure if the US has a lot more choices in hearing aid manufactures or bells and whistles My present hearing aids are 5 years old and getting close to being retired.

  • I've been using my ReSound Preza hearings aids mostly all day long, every day, for almost 3 years, and I"m absolutely delighted with them. I haven't yet noticed any degradation in daily charge retention, despite frequent and lengthy streaming activity. Neither one has ever shown less than a 60% charge left at the end of the day, no matter how long my day has been. Ironically, I was previously sold a pair of hearing aids that used silver/zinc batteries. One of them failed within two months of use, and I discovered that replacement batteries were then shown at $50 each on Amazon, and Costco had them for $25 each, but they required a special order, and a two-hour drive to and from Costco. Thankfully, the aids were still within the 180 day full return period, and I was able to replace them with the ReSounds.