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Phonak Virto Paradise Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Phonak Virto Paradise Detailed Listening to Assist Assessment. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, critiques the Customized In-The-Ear model of the Phonak Audeo Paradise line of listening to aids that features the Virto P Black Wi-fi, Virto P Non-Wi-fi, and the Virto P Titanium Listening to Aids.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Assessment:
Phonak Naida Paradise Assessment:
Greatest Practices Video:


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  • When you are on phone call the person at the other side will be able to understand if you are in noise area?

  • Dear Clif , I talk to Phonak and I asked about Virto Paradise in my country, I told them that I Have a problem by my Hearing, I actually used to wear Hearing Aid under age of 10 year possible more a few, however, My problem by cochlea, But actually I can hear But I need Hearing Aids. The Technically From my Area said if your Hearing is weak. my requested canal hearing Aid, as I read about Virto it can work for a poor hearing Aid. Please correct me and if I can get your email so I would check my hearing and your support will be appreciated. actually I live in Jordan and your assist will help me to buy an accurate Hearing Air in Jordan / Middle East.

  • I ordered my Virto Paradise hearing aids three days after you ordered yours when you made your announcement. I get mine in on the 31st. Excited to get them.

  • thanks for the review. I have Virto B P90 and it is time for new ones. Is there a significant difference with the Virto Paradise titanium compared to the B?

  • Thanks Dr Cliff, get my first hearing aids next month, KS10s….based on my quick demo where they uploaded my hearing test without adjusting and without REM I was amazed….I didn’t want to give them back. I almost bolted from the store with them in. lol

  • Hello sir I have hearing loss problem In my right year as well as left year ,but higher in right ear than left ,I think I had suffered from very big noise just because of that it happened to me ,sir how can I make it correct, is it treatable or not please reply me if u get free,I. Am from Nepal

  • hi doc Can you feature this line with the Bicros feature? i cant seem to find a video regarding phonaks ITE product with bicros. I needed to buy two hearing aids as I have bidirectional hearing problem thanks

  • Subscribed, btw, is it normal that i hear better with my right hearing aid ear ( in the canal ) than left hearing aid? the volume for both are max now but i hear with them differently

  • Somehow I think RIC hearing aids are better hidden, the receiver in the ear is less noticeable and the hearing aid itself is usually covered by hair.