Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review: Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist

Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review. Phonak Virto Paradise Detailed Listening to Assist Assessment. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, critiques the Customized In-The-Ear model of the Phonak Audeo Paradise line of listening to aids that features the Virto P Black Wi-fi, Virto P Non-Wi-fi, and the Virto P Titanium Listening to Aids.

Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review

Phonak Audeo Paradise Assessment:
Phonak Naida Paradise Assessment:
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  1. Doc please I went to ENT and the doctor said my right ear is completely off so nothing can be done about it. So I want to know if I you have a device that can send the message from my right ear to my left ear. Because I'm very sad because of the way my colleagues treat me at the work place 😭😭😭

  2. I ordered the 90 with extra power. I have to say they’re not a patch on my existing Bolero hearing aids. The App is quite a chore to use too. Clever, yes, but it’s too complicated particularly for an elderly person. Using my Compilot I can quickly change Channels, and with a long press cut out background noise. The remote is also useless. It adjusts the volume OK but only returns you to the Auto channel plus only the last channel you were on previously. The hearing aids themselves do that!
    I will be returning the whole caboodle to the shop shortly for a full refund.
    My advice: don’t bother. Otherwise you will spend a lifetime messing about with the app on your phone.

  3. JoAnne F

    Even after looking at your excellent videos – I am still so confused on all the different features and benefits of the different models of the Phonak Virto Paradise. The company web site is very confusing and worthless. In one of your videos you showed some charts that describe what each model has (and does not have) but I cannot find these charts. Can you tell me where they are located in the website. ALSO …. let me cut to the chase … I want 1)the smallest or most invisable "in the ear" version; 2) Bluetooth / wireless technology; 3) the ability to control the Hearing aids with the Phonak Ap and the best directional hearing options. WHICH DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST OPTION FOR ME ??? Appreciate your excellent videos. I am currently doing a trial of an Oticon but do not like it and want something else. Thankks for your help.

  4. Hi, I really like my Lyrics but I when listening to my stereo system
    or playing guitar the bass frequencies just don‘t get through. I‘m really thinking about switching to Titaniums. What am I going to loose? Are Titaniums a lot less natural sounding than Lyrics?

  5. I am about to get my first hearing aid, and this Phonak line is in consideration. I am leaning toward a non-wireless cic version because it seemed much smaller than the wireless one. Is this a bad choice? Will I be missing out on a lot of features?

  6. Love your videos DR.C! I will be getting some new hearing aids soon. I am looking at the Phonak Titanium IICs. Bit of an unrelated Q, do you have any recommendation on earphones instead of headphones that I can put into my ear with IIC in them?

  7. Just got my pair of Virto Paradise yesterday, and really shocked by how much larger mine are vs. the ones shown in this video. I know every person is different and there are a lot of variables but I’m a pretty big guy (6’0, 200) with big ears and big canals, so expected mine would probably be closer in size to the ones you got, Doc. However, when I first put mine in, I was convinced Phonak had made me full-shell models by mistake, but my audiologist assured me that mine are still considered half-shells. Unlike the ones you demoed here though, mine fill up a much larger portion of my concha. In fact, they are so big that Phonak didn’t bother putting removal wires on them like can be seen on yours, as it’s super easy to just grab the aids and pluck them right out.

    Pretty bummed because other than size, my very early assessment is that they work pretty great. Don’t get me wrong, I expected them to be very visible for sure, but had hoped they would have a somewhat slimmer, more compact profile, closer in line with the ones they sent you. Alas!

  8. Can you give me an answer wether my Hearing loss is suitable for the titanium in the canal version?
    0,25: 55db
    0,5: 65 db
    1: 75 db
    2: 45 db
    4: 40 db
    8: 50 db

    Or would be a bte Hearing aid the better Option?
    Thank you, great video!

  9. So just to clarify this is the p90 version of in canal? This the latest and the greatest invisible titanium model they have? Ordered mine just want to make sure I have the best

  10. Thanks for your great video's. I wonder if you have any opinion about the Phonak Virto Paradise wireless in comparance to the Starkey Evolv ITE. The Paradise technology is 2- 3 years on the market and the Starkey came in this year so I could imagine that Starkey is in front now…

  11. I need to be able to jump in the water when needed as I work on boats and need hearing aids I can put in a waterproof case on the fly. I’m interested in minorly Visible/fashionableI or invisible, providing I can submerge my head without too much time fiddling 🤣 I can live without wireless options as I use headphones. My hearing loss is minor and I just need some enhancement. A suggestion on brand and size would be amazing! Thank you for the great videos! 😎

  12. I recently was diagnosed with reverse hearing loss in my left ear and its also a cookie bite on my audiogram. My audiologist has started me with the phonak virto p90 cic. I've had it a little less than a week and have already been back for some adjustments. I'm understanding this type of hearing loss to be unique and challenging to help. Do you think this device is the right start for me? I must say I was hoping my hearing would improve more than it has. Any counsel would be appreciated.

  13. Nice review Dr. Cliff. I've been wearing the Marvel version of these hearing aids (black) for about a year and love them. Especially for Zoom / Skype meetings at work. My insurance only covers HAs once every 2 years, so I won't be upgrading. Connecting to 2 different bluetooth sources at the same time would be nice though. Always enjoy your videos.

  14. Dr. Cliff,

    Love your videos! I’m currently wearing the Phonak Marvels and having many issues with them. I had to send the hearing aids to the the factory/repair about 12 times.

    Since age four I wore hearing aids. The crazy part is to experiencing the different technologies through out the years. From analog to digital even to numerous channels.

    My case is hard because I do not like to have any options such noise reduction, wind, speech clarity or even crowd noises. I ask my audiologist to turn them off.

    The hard part through my life is deciding on the best hearing aids to my hearing lost. I am at moderate to severe hearing loss. I wore Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, and some others I can’t remember.

    I currently work as an law enforcement. I’m in the process of getting new hearing aids. I was told by my audiologist during my hearing test with the hearing aids on. I had weakness to speech recognition. My audiologist stated my hearing speech recognition is something I will never get back due to my brain development. I’m not sure if that make sense to you. My audiologist believes with the new hearing aid from Miracle Ear might help. The hearing aid is equip with 2 microphone and is the premium technology (level 5).

    Do you have any recommendations? Maybe something we share over Zoom or video chat? I would really appreciate your time to understand about hearing loss especially
    my case.

    Thank you

  15. Hello Doctor,I have had ear fullness since getting covid 3 months ago. I can't unblock my ears and been to 3 ENTs, one said it was pressure in my ears, one said it was hearing loss(even though I can hear fine in 8k) and the other it was neuropathy. ETD/Ear wax as been ruled out. Do you have any advice? I am also getting ringing and humming in my ears too.

  16. Thanks for a great review Dr. C! I’ve been waiting for this one (and my audiologist is waiting too :). She took my impressions a week ago and is standing by. I’m ready to order the Virto 312 now. Interestingly she said that results from 3D scans are not quite as good and she ends up sending most of them back for a remake. So I don’t mind that Phonak still uses the traditional method for impressions.

  17. Subscribed, btw, is it normal that i hear better with my right hearing aid ear ( in the canal ) than left hearing aid? the volume for both are max now but i hear with them differently

  18. hi doc Can you feature this line with the Bicros feature? i cant seem to find a video regarding phonaks ITE product with bicros. I needed to buy two hearing aids as I have bidirectional hearing problem thanks

  19. Hello sir I have hearing loss problem In my right year as well as left year ,but higher in right ear than left ,I think I had suffered from very big noise just because of that it happened to me ,sir how can I make it correct, is it treatable or not please reply me if u get free,I. Am from Nepal

  20. Thanks Dr Cliff, get my first hearing aids next month, KS10s….based on my quick demo where they uploaded my hearing test without adjusting and without REM I was amazed….I didn’t want to give them back. I almost bolted from the store with them in. lol

  21. Dear Clif , I talk to Phonak and I asked about Virto Paradise in my country, I told them that I Have a problem by my Hearing, I actually used to wear Hearing Aid under age of 10 year possible more a few, however, My problem by cochlea, But actually I can hear But I need Hearing Aids. The Technically From my Area said if your Hearing is weak. my requested canal hearing Aid, as I read about Virto it can work for a poor hearing Aid. Please correct me and if I can get your email so I would check my hearing and your support will be appreciated. actually I live in Jordan and your assist will help me to buy an accurate Hearing Air in Jordan / Middle East.

  22. I wear glasses and I just can’t wear bte hearing aids. I have a set of Audeo Marvels that live in their case. I am now testing some Virto M 312’s and they are just okay. Bluetooth is really bad and they are terrible with wind noise. Not to mention occlusion. Everyone tells me I’m talking too low. I get my hearing aids from the VA so my options are limited. It seems like the Virto P titaniums would be best but for me but I don’t know if they VA will allow that. I go in at the end of April to return the Virto M’s I now have that sit right next to my Audeo Marvels in this cases on my dresser. I’m an active guy and spend most of my time outdoors so I need water/sweat resistance as well as something that cuts down on wind noise. And since I wear glasses (plastic frames with rubber temples so they don’t slide) and have several pairs of sunglasses bte hearing aids are a no go. But the occlusion issue is also huge. I’m about to the point of just giving up and living with my substantial hearing loss. That’s less of a headache than dealing with hearing aids.


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