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Phonak Audeo Life Hearing Aid Review | Rechargeable Waterproof Hearing Aid

Phonak Audeo Life Listening to Help Evaluate. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, critiques Phonak’s latest Waterproof listening to support to see how a lot better than the Phonak Audeo Paradise it truly is.

Phonak Audéo Paradise Evaluate:
Greatest Practices Video:
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  • Hi Dr. Cliff, I just ordered Phonak Paradise hearing aids. I wanted to get the Life version but apparently I can't because the audiologist said I need a power receiver in one ear. She said the Life model doesn't allow this. This seemed strange to me if everything about was the same as the premium Paradise. Is this your understanding?

  • I simply love your Videos! I enjoy the energy you show and the information you present is great. Here is a question... on the Phonak Audeo P90R and P90RL have you heard of any issues with the sound shifting off to one side while streaming? This is very apparent while listening to a book being read. I have been trying out a few sets of them and found the balance shifts after a while and if I pause the source and then continue the sound re-centers and is fine for a while and then slowly shifts again. I would like to purchase the Life versions, but this balance shift is a deal breaker for me. My audiologist has given up trying to find a solution. Thank you.

  • Are the receivers the same 4.0 as for Paradise and Marvel?
    How does the holding work in the hearing aids? With a grid or some kind of rubber?

  • is this Phonak Audeo Paradise exactly the same as Costo Kirkland Signature10.0? how many hours the battery lasts daily on normal use?

  • I can't wait for the Phonak Life to be released here in Canada and keep checking availability with them. I have had nothing but moisture problems since day one with another top of the line brand and swore I would never buy another pair of hearing aids until someone came up with a waterproof design. You are very diplomatic but let's face it Dr Cliff these products are technological marvels but engineered to fail. With not even a piece of Gortex over the microphones they might as well put a funnel there. Their constant moisture failures create a never ending revenue stream over something as common as sweating in July or being caught in the rain. The after warranty repair charges are astronomical and absolutely ridiculous when most customers are fixed income seniors. As you can tell I'm very disillusioned with the industry after my experiences with my first pair of hearing aids. Phonak has to be congratulated for bringing the Life product to the marketplace, its long overdue and will hopefully force other manufactures to step up. Thank you Dr Cliff for keeping the public so well informed without you I would have not known Phonak Life were coming soon!

  • Can you tell me if these hearing aids have problem with dropp[ng out when streaming from the computer on YouTube? The paradise ones I tried kept dropping the sound in the middle of the stream for 10-15 seconds.

  • I'm re-watching this video with my Phonak Paradise Life P90!! Just got it this morning and I'm loving it! Will be using as much as I can till my next appointment. Looking forward to experiencing the coming days and weeks.