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Oticon More Hearing Aids Just Got BETTER! | MicroShell Earmold Review

Oticon Extra Listening to Aids Simply Received BETTER! | MicroShell Earmold Evaluate. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, opinions the brand new MicroShell Earmold.


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  • Thank you for that information !
    I love when you give the pros and cons. A great wealth of information and I hope you and your family has a wonderful Nre Year and wish you happiness , prosperity , and most of all good health !

  • @doctor Cliff, AuD i am trialing the oticon more at the moment, i did a trail with the phonak paradise after the oticon more with the activent but could not get on with them because i have small ear canals which made them very painful, was using the smallest rubber vent . The sound on them when streaming music and Tv was better than the oticon. I also had other problems with the phonak they would not connect to the phonak app on iPhone half the time and they where always activating siri with the slightest touch when i put my glasses on or taking my face mask off. The audiologist gave me the oticon more back to try again over Christmas and am going to make my choice in the new ear. I have two questions would the microshell be ok with small canals and would the sound be similar to the activent. The other problem i have is my ears become very itchy at times.

  • Dr Cliff, I have Meniere's, right ear and a 75db loss in the left. Just recently got Oticon More 1's. Tried custom molds, huge occlusion. Now using a silicon "semi custom" mold. But moving them slightly in or out makes a huge difference in speech recognition, depending on the environment. Would the Microshell embeded molds help? .

  • I have got my more 3 trial with custom ear mold on my left this December 1week, first I was fitted only with some type which didn’t do any good. It is good so far, but sometime when my left ear comes close to wall or something blocking my left ear then there is a noises going on like kooo keee peeep it’s funny…

  • Thx again Dr. Cliff for keeping us on the front end of HA updates & information. I am picking up my Oticon More HA’s this Friday. I don’t know who is more excited, me or the wife lol.

  • Can this only used on Oticon more. Or can it be used for opn s1. I probably have two years before I can get new hearing aids from the VA. By then there should be even more substantial improvements to hearing aids. No matter the brand.

  • I placed my first pair of MicroShell's on a patient the other day. He previously had LiteTip's on his previous set of Oticons. His face lit up like a Christmas Tree

  • Thanks Dr Cliff! Always enjoy your videos! I have A mold like that in my Left ear which is my very bad ear! I wonder if I would benefit from a mold like that in my ear. I have lost a significant amount in my Right ear since being fitted with my Oticons. I have a question about my aids though. Lately, I have been getting alot of noise when I stream on my Ipad. Its like a ticking noise, in one aid or the other. Its intermittent. I went to my Audi today and she is sending mine in. However, I have a loaner pair, but they do it too. It doesn’t happen when I’m streaming on my phone, just the Ipad. Ant ideas why? Its very annoying!