First FDA Cleared Online Hearing Aid: Bose Sound Control

FDA Cleared Online Hearing Aid. Bose Listening to Assist Detailed Evaluate | First FDA Cleared On-line Listening to Assist! Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, opinions essentially the most Anticipated FDA Cleared – Direct to Client – Over-the-Counter Listening to Assist EVER, to see if the BOSE Sound Management Listening to Assist actually is the Greatest On-line Listening to Assist ever created.

FDA Cleared Online Hearing Aid

Actual Ear Measurement:

0:00 – Intro
2:56 – Buying Course of
4:41 – Listening to Aids
8:29 – Bose Hear App
9:53 – Digital Help
11:32 – Programming Capabilities
16:56 – My Remaining Ideas


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  1. Can anyone that have used these tell me is this a good hearing aid to use as a masking device for tinnitus. My wife doesn't have any hearing loss but has tinnitus so my insurance won't cover the cost of a hearing device so we're looking for something affordable to give her some relief.

  2. A big Bose fan and a big Doctor Cliff fan and subscriber! I see they've done a deep discount ($150.00) on their units. I'm hoping it's an early alert that they're dumping inventory with the plan for the next gen hearing aid- with Bluetooth (streaming and calls!) like the competition. I keep calling them peppering them with the fact that I'm a holdout, awaiting them getting on board.
    You have any news on this hoped-for possibility?

  3. Just a note, the price of Bose SoundControl has dropped recently to $699 (usd). If you purchased recently, Bose will price match and refund the difference.

    I've only had my SoundControl hearing aids for a few days, but so far they seem to work well. At $700 they are approx. 1/5 the price quoted to me for HAs by my audiologist. Definitely worth trying out given the price.

  4. I have a mild, mostly straight line hearing loss and I like the Bose better than my expensive professionally adjusted hearing aids. But speech clarity is better without either one. Both types clip or compress the sound waves. I wish there were pure amplification without distortion. Why is that so tough?

  5. I got my hearing aid from Kaiser in 2016. I wore it for a very short time and gave up. I didn't like the way I had to put it into my ear, since I was not good with my fingers. Last week a friend showed me his Bose hearphones. I loved it. I bought one from eBay. After wearing it for a while, I was bothered by the size itself, in addition to its high sensitivity. I was hearing too much "noise" too clearly. Boosting the base made it better. I considered the hearphone a very good investment. As always, I enjoyed watching your videos.

  6. Doctor Cliff I loved your review and found it extremely helpful, in that I absolutely had no help from Best Buys when purchasing these hearing aids. Yes, you heard it Best Buy's . Since I've been wearing hearing aids for approximately 12 years, I will tell you, there are no reputable audiologists in NJ. After trying two different sets and 3 Audiologists I decided to review my hearing loss (which actually contributed to an early retirement) totally on my own, and came up with a plan to purchase them online. The reason online was the best option was simple, "Price". A new pair of Starkey 9's were $5500.00 US in 2009-2010. Online they were $1700each. I had another Audiologist check my hearing and emailed my results, Pdf., to the online store. Within 2 weeks got them. The downside was every Audiologist I saw after that screwed them up. They wanted me to buy new ones constantly. After seeing an Audiologist in Denville NJ, who completely destroyed my hearing aids, I decided to call Starkey. They set me up with an Audiologist who then sent them out to be serviced at a cost of $500 for the pair. When I got them back hey were reset, to an alarming noise level I couldn't tolerate. Worse yet they were directional hearing aids with four sound settings. During that time I found the Audiologist was unfamiliar with that technology (by 2016 newer models were far more advanced and these were older than anything she was used too) Also the Audiologist never set them directionally by either Front or Everywhere , She simply didn't know how to properly set them up. I suffered for a few more years then Covid19. Now it's almost March 2022 and this decision to purchase Bose was a good one. Again, I loved your review, and if you were in my area of Northwest New Jersey I know I would try to be one of your patients. I "Subscribed", "Clicked the Bell" and chose "All" , hoping to get all the help I can and who knows maybe I'll get another hearing test done one of these days and have my Starkey's set up properly this time. P.S. the bose battery life needs improving and the Starkey's beat them hands down and I do miss my Starkey's

  7. I too am a Bose fan but I don't understand how the APP can be used to correct for a users hearing loss in the same manner as a hearing professional can or that the FDA approved it as a hearing aid.

  8. Dr. CLIFF…..I.. you soo much for this review. I am a recent hearing loss candidate myself. Very irritating tinnitus and nearly 80%+ deaf in right ear. I went in to a hearing lab locally in Oak Brook, IL and they gave me a hearing test for free and threw a top of the line Starkey in my ear, and poof, just like that, ringing in right ear ceased and I literally started crying because of the level at what i was capable of hearing. Then the $$$$. I tucked tail and ran when I heard nearly $8k. My wife allowed me to Gove the Bose hearing aid a shot and am cautiously optimistic they'll work well enough to function appropriately.

  9. Thank you for your honest straight forward review. Personally my expectations are not high. I have been extremely disappointed in all hearing aids. While they can be helpful for speech intelligibility none are close to what I want regardless of price. At a minimum I need 1/3 octave EQ bands and 4 parametric bands with adjustable Q. I also do not like the pre-set compression algorithms . Would prefer the ability to adjust threshold, ratio, attack and release times. Latency is also an issue on some models. Hoping some day to have all these parameters available to those who under them. Am always amazed how far behind in technology the hearing aid industry is compared to the technology that is available in the recording and sound reinforcement industries. Even the common bar band has more tools available


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