What is the science behind Neosensory? Review By Dr. Julie Prutsman

What is the science behind Neosensory? Dr. Julie Prutsman reviews her experience with the Neosensory Duo for tinnitus. Overall, it is a neat product, but it probably isn’t enough for people suffering from …


What is the science behind Neosensory?

Neosensory, founded by Stanford neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman and his lab, has developed innovative technology that expands the brain’s sensory capacity. Let’s explore the science behind Neosensory:

  1. Sensory Substitution:
  2. The Neosensory Wristband:
  3. Research Findings:
    • Neosensory’s Duo product has shown promising results in reducing tinnitus loudness and frequency.
    • A recent study found that the reduction in TFI (Tinnitus Functional Index) scores was even greater among individuals with moderate to severe symptoms after 8 weeks of using the Duo.
    • Additionally, Neosensory’s Clarify product demonstrated enhancements in speech comprehension for users with high-frequency hearing loss, both with and without hearing aids.
    • The company continues to explore different vibration patterns to enhance user experience3.
  4. Collaboration with Audiologists:

In summary, Neosensory’s groundbreaking approach aims to enhance sensory experiences and improve the lives of individuals with hearing-related challenges41.

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