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Neosensory Duo Review | Amazing Neuroplasticity Tinnitus Treatment

Neosensory Duo Review

Neosensory Duo Review. The Neosensory Duo, previously called the Neosensory Buzz, is a new tinnitus treatment device. It was developed by David Eagleman. The Buzz is a wearable.

Hi I’m Syed and this is Johnathan.. We’re with Neosensory a company working on exciting new sound and touch technology.. The vest which Johnathan is wearing takes all kinds of sound environmental speech, et cetera and maps it to vibrations.

He can feel on his body.. You can think of it like a full body. Hearing aid. Our goal is to bring new ways for the deaf and hard of hearing individuals to perceive sound. The lights on his vest represent my voice, which Johnathan is then able to feel.

. As with many technologies, it takes constant work and improvement, and the best way of doing so is by involving individuals from the deaf and hard of hearing communities.. If you’re interested in helping us out, please get in touch because we would love to hear from you and you can do so by clicking the link below the video.

Demo day

Dr Scott Novich: Okay, welcome to the field of future contest, demo day. So, uh, this is our third demo day. We have four awesome contestants vying for a grand prize. How much is it Jenny? What’s our grand prize again.

Sorry. There are three prizes in play today and we have starting with our grand prize, a thousand us dollars into Bitcoin or via pave now. Um, then we have, uh, two prizes for our judges favorite at 250 US dollars again in Bitcoin or PayPal.

And then our third prize is the audience favorite, which will be voted by the general public. You can vote via the Twitter poll, which I’ll put a link in the chat. And also the likes on your Hackster projects will also count towards that winner.

So definitely share it with the network, get your friends and family to vote on there. And, um, yeah, that’s all the process. Well, thank you for that, Jennie. A panel of three awesome judges joining us today.

We have first off my co-founder CEO of Neo sensory, Dr. David Eagleman. Um, he is a neuroscience professor at Stanford university as well. His research has published in the top journals in the field, including science and nature beyond his research in entrepreneurial entrepreneurial endeavors.

He is an internationally bestselling author about the brain with his books translated into 33 languages. He is also the creator and host of PBS’s Emmy nominated series, the brain with David Eagleman.


And next step, we are Ashley Huffman, strategic alliances at Nanopore, Ashley leads, strategic partnerships and and R and D division of nano magnetics. That help that develops magnetic devices and technologies, including haptics and modular connectors.

Her work has been covered in publications, including fortune wired time magazine and popular mechanics and collaborations include YouTube channels, like minute physics, very Tanzeum and periodic videos.

Previously Ashley was an editor of Shanghai daily, the largest English newspaper in Shanghai, China, where she ran the online edition and had an advice column called ask Ashley.

Contestants work

So did they will be asking Ashley about her thoughts on the contestants work? In addition, Ashley’s an avid supporter of women in tech, including initiatives like chick tech org, make and ladies learning.

And our final judge who are excited to have joined us is Dr. As David . Are you a doctor professor of emerging media at the college of Charleston? Uh, so David is an associate professor of emerging media whose research and writing explores the past present and possible futures of touch technologies that his book archaeal archaeologies of touch interfacing with haptics, from electricity to computing, uh, which I can vouch for as being an awesome book.