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My Complete SSHL (Sudden Sensioneural Hearing Loss) Story.

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  • Hey man, thanks for this story very inspiring gives hope to all dealing with this! Question for you did you wear ear plugs or any type of protection during you recovery or was it better to hear noises to stimulate the ear?

  • Assuring to know that early intervention with Prednisone will salvage your hearing. I myself have had 3 of 6 treatments and my hearing is improving ever so slowly each week. I am already deaf in one hear so I dread losing both. Plan B is an implant.

  • Just give it a try to liam bohem tinnitus treatment simply just watch their video or contact him just contact him

  • Thanks for the video. I just got the news today. I’m in school for audio engineering so this could be a really big deal for me and I’m freaking the fuck out. I went to an ent doctor within 4 days so I caught it early and I’m only 20 so partial recovery seems fairly likely. I was wondering does the ringing ever stop or is that a permanent thing? I’d love to chat for a little bit if you see this as I have a ton of questions and would like to know more about your experience.

  • Still dealing with mine. Waited a bit cause I thought it was wax etc.. finally went to an ent and was given a 30% chance to recover. All I hear is high treble sounds at about 10-15% volume. On steroids now. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Ummm should I see a doctor ?,, I woke up today and I just couldn’t hear, like it sounded heavily muffled, 16 hours later all I hear is ringing, I don’t think it’s an ear infection because I don’t feel sick/nothing hurts I just can’t hear. Watching this video is low key freaking me tf out. I told my mom earlier but she dismissed me :0 should I like go to the hospital or sumin ??

  • I got diagnosed May 2019 on my left year. Guys we are gonna be okay it will never come back completely but life will go on. Get treatment as soon as possible. I recovered 80% Of my hearing. If you need a hearing aid I recommend nuheara max. God bless.