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Miracle Ear Review: Type Of Hearing Aids They Have #hearingimpaired #hearingaids

hello everybody welcome to mamastylez make-up nook a distinct video in the present day as a substitute of my regular make-up stuff.
in the present day I discuss concerning the totally different listening to aids miracle Ear has
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  • I just had a terrible experience when I went to get my new hearing aids and I just walked away. The whole thing seemed like a total scam and I left. I was HORRIBLY disappointed because I wanted those hearing aids so much. I was just so confused about the change of attitude and vibe from the first visit. The guy who runs the place is a total lunatic. The hearing aids could have been perfect and super cheap and I wouldn't have taken them because I never EVER wanted to see that guy again.

  • Miracle Ear, at least in the US, is a scam. They suck you in with the pretense of a field test with the intent to sell you overpriced hearing aids that are locked. Bad juju.