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Marlee Matlin on Cochlear Implants and Deaf Culture

Actor Marlee Matlin joins groundbreaking researchers in deafness and for a wide-ranging dialogue of cutting-edge analysis and the way it will have an effect on lives. Current breakthroughs in imaginative and prescient and listening to imply many types of blindness and deafness could quickly be reversible. This won’t be greeted with common acclaim. Deafness isn’t just a incapacity; it’s a tradition with its personal language and historical past. For a lot of in that group ‘remedy’ equates to cultural genocide. With blindness, the problems are totally different, however simply as troublesome. Will a mind that realized to navigate with out sight out of the blue have the ability to make sense of visible alerts? Be a part of a vibrant dialogue of cutting-edge expertise and the lives it should impression.

Watch the complete program “Can We ‘Treatment’ Deafness and Blindness? Ought to We?” right here:


This program is a part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made potential with assist from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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  • I'm cochlear implant patient, I wasn't expecting these kinds of issues with opposition against cochlear implant technologies from the deaf community because I don't even know any of country based sign languages as the first language or mother tongue but instead my English speaking was a part of my first language. I started learning since after I got cochlear implant surgery when I was 2 years old due to gene issues lead to complete deaf in both ears. 😂

    Until then, everything is going normal with my hearing experiences but still I do have different types of issues related to causes of (hard of hearing) or device problems in which can be addressed by many different types of solutions but however with the many observations where professor and engineers have learnt could improve their future technology in order to guarantee the normal hearing and prevent risks of surgery for all future deaf people to learn hearing easily instead of spreading the range of sign languages to deaf communities in wide group unnecessary despite of increasing rate of deaf in newborn/adults due to gene issues or many others, I'm just assuming it.🤔

    Most importantly thing is that, in case if my device is not working, I use lip reading as second language as alternative ways to communicate or either use second temporary hearing device for emergency purposes.🆘️

  • She can speak. I don’t know why she is just signing. She has a cochlear implant bc she wanted to hear her children.

  • I do find it a little heartbreaking when hearing parents will take that choice away from their deaf babies. Removing them from a culture just because they don’t want to work to be a part of that culture, it’s a really good way to ostracize your deaf child from the hearing and the deaf

  • I would rather have the cochlear implants then help others that want to hear music and their environment while teaching those that are still deaf my super cool way of doing sign language while deciding if they want to hear or not. I'm just saying.