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Lenire vs Neosensory: Cool Features to Consider

Lenire vs Neosensory

Lenire vs NeosensoryLenire and Neosensory Duo are two devices that use bimodal stimulation to treat tinnitus. Bimodal stimulation involves stimulating two senses at the same time, such as hearing and touch. The idea is that this can help reduce the perception of tinnitus by changing the activity of the brain regions involved in tinnitus¹.

Lenire is a device that consists of headphones and a tongue stimulator. The user listens to sounds from the headphones and feels gentle pulses on the tongue. The device is synchronized to deliver both stimuli at the same time. Lenire was developed by a company based in Ireland and has been granted FDA approval for bimodal stimulation in March 2023. It is currently available in Europe and the United States.

Neosensory Duo is a device that consists of a wristband and an app. The user wears the wristband on their wrist and listens to sounds from the app. The wristband converts sound into vibrations that the user can feel on their skin. The device is also synchronized to deliver both stimuli at the same time. Neosensory Duo was developed by a company based in California and is currently available in the United States.

Both devices claim to be evidence-based and have conducted clinical trials to test their effectiveness. However, the results of these trials are not yet published in peer-reviewed journals, so more research is needed to confirm their safety and efficacy. Some common questions that users may have about these devices are:

– How long do I need to use them for?
– How much do they cost?
– Are they covered by insurance?
– What are the potential side effects or risks?
– How do they compare to other tinnitus treatments?

If you are interested in learning more about these devices, you can visit their websites or consult with your doctor or audiologist.