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Oticon – The Now Effect of Intiga RITE and Intigai

Oticon – The Now Effect of Intiga RITE and Intigai

The Now Effect -- with the award-winning Intiga at its core -- is expanding its reach with the new invisible… Read More

Medicare Hearing Aid Benefit & Online Hearing Tests

Steve Eagon joins Dr. Ben Thompson to discuss online hearing tests and Medicare hearing aid benefits. Unfortunately, Medicare does not… Read More

Anyone have any experience going to indoor warehouse raves with custom ear plugs?

Has anyone gone to a rave (usually at 110 db and above) with custom moulded ear plugs? If so did… Read More

From Loud Tinnitus to Silence: Covid Vaccine Tinnitus Success Story

Ester developed tinnitus after her Covid-19 vaccine shot. After three months, she started to experience periods of silence. It did… Read More

Can topical tretinoin cause or aggravate tinnitus?

Can topical tretinoin cause or aggravate tinnitus? View Reddit by Popular-Tea1929 - View Source Read More

Susan Shore vs. Neuromod vs. Neosensory + My Opinion on Covid-19 Vaccine for Tinnitus

It's time for the October Tinnitus Update. In this episode of my monthly video newsletter, I will explain the developments… Read More

Playing a frequency and tone disappears

What does it mean when you play a certain noise and one of your tinnitus tone disappears? My new sizzling… Read More

For the past 2-3 days I think I had tinnitus

so 3 days ago I got insanely sick(fever etc) and i started to hear a noise from my left ear… Read More

Does anyone else know / suspect their T is caused by Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD)?

I've been looking for the cause of my T since the onset in September of last year. It was nothing… Read More

“the human inner ear does have some (limited) natural hair cell regeneration capabilities”

I read this on Tinnitustalk ( It's quoted from a video of Stanford initiative discussion. I thought hair cells don't… Read More

Medications, Pills, Tinnitus Cure, Benzodiazepines & Drugs For Tinnitus

Jamie is a Medical Doctor in California. She joined me to discuss the role of medications in tinnitus treatment. Specifically,… Read More

Opinions on Earplugs

Hey all, For the past 2+ months my Tinnitus has been blowing up. When life is chill it’s moderate in… Read More

Dovie's Tinnitus Relief | Sound Relief Hearing Center | Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Dovie is a patient of Dr. Kenzie Reichert at Sound Relief Tinnitus and Hearing Center in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Cindy… Read More

buzzing in ear?

every now and then, especially these past few days, i hear buzzing. it sounds JUST like a fly and some… Read More

New Tinnitus Treatment Coming to US in 2022: Max Bauer and Ben Thompson Talk Neuromod Lenire

Scientists from Neuromod are researching various treatment options for tinnitus. This episode features Dr. Ben Thompson, Maximillian Bauer, and Patrick.… Read More

Processador de áudio para implante coclear SONNET 2 | MED-EL Não adapte sua vida ao processador de áudio - escolha um processador que se adapte à sua vida! Seja… Read More

How to manage my tinnitus?

I’ve had tinnitus for many years maybe 10 years or so. It was only a muffled ringing in the background… Read More

How to Change Domes on Bose Hearing Aids | Keep Them Clean

This video will showcase how to change the domes on Bose Sound Control hearing aids. The domes are the rubber… Read More

Anyone’s tinnitus get worse immediately after eating?

I mean like immediately, before the food even has a chance to digest. Like I can eat meat, vegetables, fruit,… Read More

What are your tinnitus sounds?

I hear buzzing, white noise, vibrations specifically similar to getting a call on vibrate on an iPhone, a flock of… Read More