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Internal Jugular Vein Compression and Intracranial Hypertension – Symptoms, Causes, & Testing

Ross Hauser, MD discusses among the frequent signs and situations related to intracranial hypertension from inner jugular vein compression, in addition to strategies we use to find out if that is seemingly what’s inflicting a affected person’s signs. We see many sufferers with intracranial hypertension who come to our middle as a result of they’ve a constellation of signs like head strain, mind fog, eye ache, glaucoma, imaginative and prescient issues, and lots of others that point out the basis trigger could contain their inner jugular vein being compressed within the higher cervical backbone.

To learn extra in regards to the signs and situations related to inner jugular vein compression and the “clogged mind bathroom” attributable to higher cervical instability, take a look at our article:

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  • We need to get Dr. Hauser on The Dr. Oz Show! Can’t believe NOBODY else in medicine is talking about this topic or specialty— and how much time, money, and stress it can save so many people with “mysterious” symptoms who can FINALLY get themselves diagnosed + treated properly!

  • Thank you so much for the information.
    I feel extreme pressure in my head after having sex. The more sex I do worst it gets, and the muscles behind my jaw and just the front of my ear starts swelling or getting hard.
    This situation changes my behaviour, I start getting angry very quickly, and start isolating myself.

    I have been to too many doctors, have done MRI, CT scan of my brain, used tryptanole medication to relax. But nothing works.

    I seek advice from you, I can have an pay for your time if you can consult with me about my health issue.

    I will be very grateful.


  • Thank you I have been having severe problems in my head from a vaccine and now having to go thru many things to diagnose. Thank you so much for your information very appreciated. Stay well.

  • Love it👍👍. What about one (looks like) Epeleptic zeisure at night out of nohwere. Stiff neck and stress for a very long periode of time? January 21. only once. I lost my driving licence, my job, my inncome, my freedom and company. Lokking for an answer beside epilepsy. Could it be a connection between neck and upbuilding stress? Norway. ❤️

  • Thank you so much!. This shows why I have all the symptoms that I have. But so far none of the neurologist that I have seen, have mentioned a y of this. UCLA neurologist 6 of them and one neurosurgeon.

  • Wonderful videos. I just subscribed. Do you have any office in Massachusetts or Connecticut? Or any place that you can recommend me in this area? Thank you in advance