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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, Pseudotumor cerebri

Ross Hauser, MD explains the seriousness of intracranial hypertension and the ways in which it pertains to the sufferers we see within the neck heart for cervical instability diagnostics and remedy.

You’ll be able to learn our articles regarding intracranial hypertension and the signs we cowl in our movies:

The Hauser Neck Heart at Caring Medical Florida is situated in Fort Myers, FL within the US. We deal with sufferers who journey to our heart from throughout the globe, nonetheless, we don’t deal with all instances. In case you are on the lookout for our workforce to evaluation your case and presumably see you in our heart, you possibly can contact us via, name us at 239-308-4773, or electronic mail
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**DISCLAIMER: As with all medical remedy, no ensures or claims of cures are made as to the extent of the response to remedy that each individual experiences. Each remedy/remedy has sufferers who expertise various ranges of success and failure. Outcomes is probably not the identical from affected person to affected person, even with an analogous analysis, because the physique’s inner standing is exclusive to every particular person.


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  • Are these services covered by Medicare or Medical? You make these diagnoses sound so simple I would love to get some treatment

  • Thank you doc. I wish you had an onsite rehab center. I'd take the first flight. My face gets so much fluid so I drink black coffee. My sleep I s so awful I use a blanket to hold my head. I checked almost all the boxes! My eyes are the most annoying symptom eith insufferable convergence but I called a vision therapist while I'm still seeking c1 , c5 stenosis.

  • I am dealing with a lot of symptoms since 2012 and after all these years I was finally diagnosed by Dr. Hepworth in Denver with special cat scans with contrast.
    I will have surgeries next year to fix those issues, surgeries are called
    “Styloidectomy and bilateral jugular veins decompression “.
    It’s highly misdiagnosed and unrecognized by specialists