How Millions of Hearing Aids Are Made in America: Big Business

How Millions of Hearing Aids Are Made in America. Listening to aids will be personalized, connect with telephones, and translate international languages in actual time. We went inside one of many largest listening to assist producers on this planet to see how the trade is remodeling.

How Millions of Hearing Aids Are Made in America

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How Thousands and thousands Of Listening to Aids Are Made In America | Large Enterprise


27 thoughts on “How Millions of Hearing Aids Are Made in America: Big Business”

  1. Unnecessarily expensive. Market controlled by few companies and good lawyers. Mine make great difference, but way more expensive than necessary. Hopefully new legislation will reduce costs.

  2. Wow I’ve never seen HA’s sold over 7.5k for a pair, 10k is crazy. And if anyone is interested, look up a middle ear implant by Esteem, estimating 35k each ear (includes surgery)

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  4. If u can get me a hearing aid I'll be very grateful 🙏🏾.
    Everyone teased me but sometimes I took it seriously. I can't cover the cost it's too much. And I'm still a college student . Soon to be graduated.

  5. I wish more people would either get hearing aids or take care of their hearing instead of just blasting everything at a volume level that hurts the rest of us.

  6. Lol! So, I guess "can we take out the garbage tonight?" is considered a typical thing to 'ask' in Spanish if you live in the US an are able to afford these devices…

  7. What we also need is more accessibility to sign language. Lip-reading and hearing only covers a small amount of the things we hear/see in converstation and no hearing aid is that powerful enough to completely drown out background noises/hear everything. Sign Language help with language and lingustic development and with communication in certain environments.


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