Animation Displaying How Cochlear Implant Work

Animation Displaying How Cochlear Implant Work. – Animation displaying how a cochlear implant (aka, “bionic ear”) surgical procedure is carried out to revive listening to in sufferers who’re deaf or have extreme listening to loss.

Animation Displaying How Cochlear Implant Work

Precise surgical procedure will be watched right here:

See in case you are a candidate for a cochlear implant:

Take heed to what a cochlear implant sounds wish to a affected person after this surgical procedure:

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32 thoughts on “Animation Displaying How Cochlear Implant Work”

  1. Scary shit and even worse… that cochlear Implant is hideous, damn ugly. Poor people believe that they are amazing but they are not. It has lots of side effects plus not working well. A friend of mine has it.. and regrets it big time. She wanted to remove the whole of things from her head… except a device piece left on her skull can not be removed. Think again before you get surgery!

  2. Lol the ignorant misslechateau keeps deleting and reposting his comment, too bad


    Ok for anybody that finds his comment

    Dont listen to him, C.I Are the best choice if your audiometrist suggests it, since Hearing aids are really limited, and C.I Can improve the life, i doubt this guy 's friend wanted to remove it , since he doesn't know anything about C.I
    He thinks That Hearing aids are still the best choice, but he doesn't know that hearing aids works until your deafness goes beyond a unsupported frequency range , Surely there are hearing aids that are more powerful as technology goes, but once the your deafness goes past the maximum supported range by all hearing aids , your audiometrist will start suggesting C.I, but hearing aids are for sure a preferred choice by everyone.

    My audiometrist suggested C.I since im profound deaf in both ears, i just got the left C.I and i have no regrets since is the best choice ever done, for my future and be able to hear again.
    The only side effect once you do C.I you won't be able to use hearing aids anymore , since C.I destroys the residual hearing left (even if the surgeon tries his best to preserve it).

  3. My son has the cochlear implant in Toronto, Canada, in about 1983. It’s more than 38 years, but the implant suddenly burst out this year! Isn’t it supposed to last life-long? The doctor gave him antibiotics to stop the pain and pus. Now he has to wait for an operation, but don’t know how much it will cost in New York, USA. Right now I am just so worried about his health plus the (maybe enormous) sum for operation. Can anyone advise what to do? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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