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Hearing problems during pregnancy | Pregnancy tinnitus | Blocked ears during pregnancy

You might expertise ear issues or listening to issues throughout being pregnant. Being pregnant signs affecting your ears and listening to embrace: a buzzing or buzzing sound in your ears, a whooshing noise, ears feeling blocked or an echoey sound. These being pregnant signs are known as Being pregnant Tinnitus.

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In my video I clarify completely different listening to issues throughout being pregnant and discuss strategies to ease momentary listening to loss signs.

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  • Does this not count for pulsating tinnitus? Because mine is not a ringing it is whooshing or like a heartbeat

  • hi. ive experienced this whooshing sound in my right ear two days before i gave birth. no pain. just noise. no hearing losd but the sound is loud and tormenting my sleep. it seemed to got worse after pregnancy. it has been 12 days im still experiencing this whooshing sound. Girls, did your tinnitus go away eventually.. how long before it goes away? i need my sleep..

  • Hy...
    I am in my third trimester & also experiencing the same problem.. I am unable to hear from my right ear from past few days. I also concerned with doctor but still it persisting. What should i do.
    Kindly guide me.

  • wow didnt know this was a thing 😳 and its pretty common a lot of my friends were telling me they were experiencing hearing troubles and some ear inflamations

  • Iam 35 weeks pregnant , iam very much suffered my ear pain too much, i can't sleep properly for this pain, and also chest pain,can't breath property

  • I am also pregnant ..I feel buzzing sound continue ... ?? What is this ...I am irritate ...pless tell 😭😭😭

  • I experience the same. Im 29 wk pregnant..On my left ear, i hear whoosing, buzzing like sound... on and bothers me, no pain at all, .. its just weird😕

  • I keep hearing heartbeat sounds on my left ear 👂 and when I get out of bed I can hear it faster it’s so weird 😓

  • This has happened to me through all 3 pregnancies! I have searched about th is and asked my doctor and nobody could give me an explanation! Thank you for validating my experience!