How to habituate with tinnitus in 10 days

How to habituate with tinnitus in 10 days. I abused my ears with loud music ever since I was a teen (am 27 now).

Think, not certain, J&J vaccine sent it over the edge after a couple of months of very infrequent (~10 seconds of ringing) bouts of tinnitus.

There’s been days where I haven’t had it at all, and where I haven’t had it til 5pm.

Today it’s been pretty consistent all day. I’ve been sitting on my PC in total silence for hours and a lot of the times I just don’t even notice it. And when I do notice it it almost feels like a normal part of life and I don’t see any reason to have an atoms weight of anxiety, depression, worry, etc. about it.

Hopefully I am not calling it too early, but if there’s any indication to what I did it was practice a form of cognitive behavioral therapy I found on another forum:

I’ve done it for the past few days, and while it may be very very annoying to have to repeat a mantra like 10 times a minute if you notice the tinnitus, it does appear to be working. It is also quite difficult to not include mentioning or thinking of the volume in the manta.

The cognitive behavioral therapy for this is very similar to a method I’ve used in the past for getting rid of suicidal thoughts (I don’t entertain them, nor am I really sad, they just come out of no where) as well as random visions of my own death (again, out of nowhere) — and in the past it has been moderately effective for stopping the thoughts. I call it “acknowledge and dismiss”.

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How to habituate with tinnitus in 10 days

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