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Engage Enlite Hearing Aid Review | Lucid Audio

The Have interaction Enlite listening to aids are rechargeable and obtainable on-line for an inexpensive worth level. The listening to aids are manufactured by Lucid Audio. Have interaction Enlite could also be among the finest on-line listening to aids in 2021. This overview video will cowl the fee, execs, and cons.

0:00 – Have interaction Enlite Listening to Support Evaluate
00:50 – Look & Really feel
02:00 – Options of Have interaction Listening to Aids
04:21 – Execs of Have interaction
05:16 – Cons of Have interaction

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  • How complicated is your Tinnitus condition, mine was very complicated, terrible and uncomfortable. I used so many meds but nothing happened but instead the pain increases. Just 2 weeks of using Doctor Madida Tinnitus herbal medicine all my disturbing noise and pain stopped, I went to hospital to be very sure that it is gone and my Medical doc confirm it that everything appear goods now and me I don’t longer feels the symptoms of Tinnitus for so many weeks now. Truthfully speaking I am so glad that all this are all gone and over because this tinnitus situation almost ruin my entire life.

  • I purchased the Lucid hearing aids from Sams club less then a year ago. This is a poor quality hearing aid that the associates that work at Sams cannot get them adjusted properly. They adjusted them so loud , I can only use one hearing aid and need to go back in and see if they can re-adjust them but they don’t seem to be able to hold the settings they do for more than a couple of days . I was told they would have a program for android phone and now I had to get a iPhone with another service just for the hearing aid and still have my android phone which I like better as a phone due to the associates at Sams club do not know what they are selling. I would not recommend these Lucid hearing aid and these were not the cheapest ones. The Lucid hearing aids I purchased were $3000. Which I consider is a waste of money since I am looking at others. I purchased the insurance on them for $500 and I asked if they could be sent back to be checked out and they don’t send them back I’m told since they adjust at the store. The other thing I noticed is I can’t leave any reviews for the hearing aids on Lucid website so all those reviews on their website are done by Lucid and are not real reviews . Also found out Lucid was Liberty and they had such bad reviews that they change their name to Lucid to keep selling these poorly made low quality Lucid hearing aids that now cannot be reviewed by people who use them. Save your money and look for something better and don’t get hearing aids from Sams club since the associates don’t stay there long, I’m on the second one who is in training. Buy from a place that just sell hearing aids and have associates who have experience in knowing what they are selling and who have the knowledge to service and do the adjustment .