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Drug FX-322 | Sensorineural Hearing Loss Cure??

Wow! The Laborious of Listening to world is buzzing concerning the drug FX-322. What’s FX-322? What does/may it imply for folks with sensorineural listening to loss? All I can say is, if it really works, it should supply large modifications for folks with listening to loss to think about! What do you consider FX-322? Would you’re taking it in case you had a sensorineural listening to loss? I need to hear within the feedback beneath.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL, OR CLINICAL STUDY BACKGROUND. This video isn’t supposed to be information or factual reference. It simply comprises my very own ideas as a hard-of-hearing particular person on the analysis I performed about FX-322.

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  • Ooof, I'm not gonna lie, all this makes me anxious. I mean, you're right when you say that it's incredible that technology evolved that much and this is probably great news for those people that were always hearing and now they can get back their old lives and identity. But I was born like this, being HOH is a huge part of my identity. Would I want to give up that big part that makes me myself? Not only that, I'm afraid that (looking long term) the system may "force" me to do it indirectly if they decide that they are not going to facilitate accessibility and resources anymore for those deaf/hoh people who still want to remain the same because now there's a cure and that's easier and more comfortable for everyone. 🤦 Its scares me, ngl. And I don't even fit in either the Deaf or hearing world, but I like to live in my own world, the grey area in between. 🤟 I guess we'll see and we should remain as open minded as possible.

  • Curing sensorineural hearing loss stands out as a remarkable failure among the astounding achievements of medical science in the past 3 decades. There's been so much noise over many years about the discovery of clues in this area, yet none have identified even a path toward a cure. But FX-322 is the first I've heard that has resulted in improved speech clarity among adult humans, rather than stuff about experiments on newborn rats or petri dish haircell gardens. I wonder if the developers of FX-322 used any knowledge gained from the past to develop this potion.

  • Will this medicine treat the hearing nerve, or only the sensory nerve capillaries ?!