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Consumer Reports Best & Worst Hearing Aids Survey 2022 Review

Consumer Reports Best & Worst Hearing Aids Survey 2022 Review

Client Reviews Finest & Worst Listening to Aids Survey 2022 Evaluation. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, opinions the survey outcomes of Client Report’s Finest listening to aids between 2017 and 2021.


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  • I have Oticon and don't like the way they doesn't sit right in the canal plus audiologist did a hard sell when I wanted Starkey's.

  • Hearing aids ranking were determined by surveys while the washing machines rankings were determined by their own testing.

  • Dr Cliff, I needed new hearing aids (they were Oticon, 9 years old & lost one) last year & watched as many of your videos as possible, including "Best Practices." I decided to remain with my audiologist as she's wonderful & she does practice "Best Practices.". I have severe to profound hearing loss and decided to go with Oticon More MiniRITE R with custom earpieces. The charger vs. batteries & connecting to my cell phone & tablet are huge game changers for me! I have been extremely happy with Oticon.
    Thank you so much for all your videos!

  • I'm not surprised by Costco's ranking, first of all they sell the most hearing aids of any provider, the latest number I heard is Costco sell 20% of all hearing aids sold. Second, I think it's a cost vs performance benefit vs cost vs features, are the high end aids that cost 4-5 times more, 4-5 times better? Are the newest features worth the premium price and do they help you hear that much better ? I have the Kirkland KS-10's, they have really helped me hear better at a price I can afford.

  • I got hearing aids a week ago today from the VA. They are Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-R. I'm very happy with them so far.

  • So how do I find you in Michigan? lol... I am 57, everyone around me notices my issues, went to the Audiologist at my Dr's office but she doesn't deal with hearing aids just that medical conditions or damage that effect your hearing. I was planning on doing this all on my own until today. I don't mind paying for expertise and you are the guy that convinced me to look for a professional instead. Thanks!!

  • I find it really interesting how Audibel/Starkey & Miracle-Ear/Signia scored different when they are the exact same hearing aid.