Cochlear Implant: Dennis' Story

After Dennis skilled virtually whole listening to loss, social conditions turned tougher. After his granddaughter was born, he made the choice to get a cochlear implant.

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  • Thank God for OUR Nhs. the gift that keeps on giving. Wake up Americans healthcare is a right. You won't be commies suddenly. ha ha.

  • My CI is a miracle. Being deaf in one ear most of my life, I got to the point I HATED social/group situations. Humans are social creatures and being isolated like that becomes depressing and a career impediment. Hearing in both ears lets me understand speech in noise and groups, and it has had a huge impact on my enjoyment of life.

  • It’s trippy hearing country music but then having guy speak with the thickest Boston accent ever

  • Thank you for sharing. I'm thinking of getting it also. Just not right now because it too expensive for me.

  • Cochlear implantation is one of those big discoveries in modern medicine. Make the deaf hear again and help a deaf newborn to integrate into society