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Clogged Ears Due to EARWAX or MEDICAL EMERGENCY? | Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL)

Clogged Ears As a result of EARWAX or MEDICAL EMERGENCY? | Sudden Sensorineural Listening to Loss (SSHL) – Ear Issues

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The overwhelming majority of the time, listening to loss has a gradual onset and impacts each ears on the identical time. Nevertheless, in some situations, listening to loss comes on the snap of a finger, like should you get up within the morning and might’t hear out of 1 ear, or should you hear a loud “POP” in a single ear and abruptly your listening to is gone.

Most individuals really feel that these sudden instances of listening to loss are simply brought on by extreme earwax buildup blocking sound from getting into the ear. The thought is that you may simply use a Q-tip to wash out the ear or simply flush your ear with peroxide and the blockage would go away. Nevertheless, what if I informed you that in some instances a Sudden listening to loss like that is really a Medical Emergency, that requires IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION?

A Sudden Sensorineural Listening to Loss or SSHL, is a medical situation the place there’s a vital decline in listening to that happens nearly immediately. SSHL is outlined as a listening to lack of 30 decibles at 3 or extra consecutive frequencies, that occurs rapidly, and most frequently impacts just one ear. This is not a conductive listening to loss such as you would obtain from a plug of earwax or fluid in your ear.

Sudden Sensorineural Listening to Losses are medical emergencies and it is best to search medical consideration from an ear specialist like an Otolaryngologist (ENT) or an Otologist as quickly as doable. Applicable prognosis and therapy in a well timed method are vital in order for you any shot of getting your listening to restored. Typically medical professionals that aren’t ear specialists can misdiagnose a SSHL as congestion or fluid buildup. In consequence, it’s possible you’ll not obtain the right therapy in a well timed method.

To appropriately diagnose a Sudden Loss, a Doctor or Audiologist will look in your ears to test for earwax or different abnormalities. An Audiologist will carry out a complete listening to analysis that features Pure Tone Air and Bone conduction testing, Speech testing, Tympanometry, and even Acoustic Reflex testing. Your ENT or Otologist may order an MRI or CT scan to make sure that the sudden loss wasn’t brought on by a Tumor in your mind or in your auditory nerve. They could additionally order another testing to find out the reason for the listening to loss.

The earlier you obtain therapy, the extra probably you might be to have partial or totally restored listening to. With out therapy, it’s possible you’ll obtain spontaneous restoration inside 2 weeks, but when the loss lasts for over 2-3 months, the harm is probably going everlasting. Because of this opting NOT to obtain therapy is not definitely worth the threat.

Oral steroids are the commonest preliminary therapy for sudden sensorineural listening to loss. After taking your complete prescription, your listening to ought to be evaluated to find out if there was any enchancment. If oral steroids don’t enhance your listening to, Transtympanic Steroid Injections could also be really helpful. That is when a doctor injects steroids, by way of your eardrum, into your center ear area. This may additionally assist to forestall unwanted effects in comparison with excessive dose oral steroid remedies.

In case your listening to doesn’t return to regular with therapy, then you will have to contemplate therapy choices that embody:

1. Listening to Aids –
2. CROS Units –
3. Bone Anchored Units –
4. or a Cochlear Implant –

Sudden Listening to Loss is not any joke, should you discover a major lower in listening to, in a single or each ears. Do NOT simply assume that you’ve got Clogged ears on account of Earwax or Fluid buildup. Go see your Doctor or Audiologist as quickly as doable so you will get an correct prognosis which is able to put you in a a lot better place to have your listening to restored.


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  • My ear is ringing/constantly rumbing and I can't hear literally anything thru it even with headphones all the way up to that ear. I did use hydrogen peroxide to flush it and tried a q-tip (around the edges not directly pushing into my ear) and didn't come up with much ear wax. I hope I didn't lose my hearing although what I could be is from swimming after years of not swimming and when I was younger I experienced lots of ear infections (had tubes even).

  • I've had ear problems all my life. Seen numerous doctors. Had a tube put in my ear at 50. Bad move. I can't rember a time in my life when I haven't had ear problems. Almost 60 now. Have no insurance. I just live with it. Don't have seem to have any other option. Nothing has ever worked. Very hard to live with. I don't want to talk. Everything say it's as if I've got a bucket over my head. Stressed......

  • I'm not sure if this is monitored, but I have sudden hearing loss in one ear but it returns to normal after a nap. It happens almost daily. I'm not 100% sure it's returning to normal after, but it seems to. I just saw my doctor today and she's setting up an appointment for me.

  • My ear has been having issues since I was sick(So since last Tuesday, and it’s Thursday now) last week and it was always my left one. I could unstop it occasionally but then it’d go back to being stopped up in a few minutes or whenever I went on the elevator. I also had a similar feeling a couple weeks ago when I was working out in martial arts class(But never again so far?), but that went away after a few minutes. I’ve tried the Valsalva method, yawning, and swallowing but nothing works - I’m kinda scared at this point.

  • I woke up Sunday and it’s Friday with a mostly clogged ear on the left side and it sounds muffled so it’s a bit harder to hear. I saw an ENT yesterday and he looked inside my nose with a little camera, didn’t see any polyps, checked my ears, didn’t see wax buildup, ear drums looked fine, went for a hearing test right after and I had perfect hearing. Could this be what’s happening to me even though I had a perfect hearing test. They also said my nerve was fine thru the hearing test. Would they be able to tell if this was serious from that appointment? Like if I had a tumor or something? The ENT seemed to think I could have allergies. Could allergies really cause mostly one ear to clog ?? Please respond ! I’m so scared now.

  • I don't know if this is the right video to comment this under, but one night I was just in my room sitting around you know doing stuff on my phone and my left ear suddenly got slightly clogged. Afterwards I heard loud ringing. Eventually I got it to stop, but Ever since then, it sounds as if my left ear is slightly muffled and I've been having anxiety over it.

  • I had a sudden hearing loss and earwax completely blocking my ear canal, so the doctor flushed it out and it didn’t do anything for my hearing loss. They said it was probably an ear infection, even though I felt no pain, and are treating with antibiotics. Should I trust that, or see a specialist right away?