Bose Sleepbuds 2 for Tinnitus: How They Work

Bose Sleepbuds 2 for Tinnitus

Bose Sleepbuds 2 for Tinnitus

This video will show you how the Bose Sleepbuds 2 for Tinnitus works. This sound therapy for tinnitus system is about $200 and can be purchased online.

hello my name is doctor ben thompson i’m an audiology just in this video i will cover non boxing of the bows sleep buds to these have been used to manage tenant this tonight is ringing in the ears during the evening so we are going to look at what comes in the case and given idea of how these sleep bugs work first of all just admire the nice case that comes with this box will put that to the side additionally underneath the casing it comes with two packages of extra tips were going to investigate those but this to the side for now all right as you can see here this is the case it comes with you have an r for right and an l for left i take one of these out went to touch it and see the tip the part that goes in the ear canal that’s nice and soft and squishy this piece here is small

the chargeable fits in that year and then this piece curls up inside the here inside of the year there and reaches what’s called the helix like to have a helix lock is keeps his secure and nicely in your ear so that when you’re sleeping you can maintain the specific angles and you can maintain that come for in your ear put that thing down very good you can see there there’s a magnetic charging peace and it connects there into the modern charging port when i openness and i take it out we’re now going to see what are our options for the different sizes of and behind the ear you can see these are for the left ear good it comes with three left and right perfect

yeah length one and number three what what does that mean we’re going to open news and find out first i want to see if i can take this off you can see it’s all one sort of casing years so take it off i have to pull it out over the top and then it comes off like that so now we’re looking at this piece this is a very small electronic piece here but this is the bow sleep bugs to without the case now how do i put on in new case will eventually these might get crusty or i might get a little gross or who knows and you may want to change it out for a different size so here i thought this was an l but it’s actually number one so these are the lengths one pieces you have a pair of them and these are the lengths three pieces you have a pair of them so you might be able to just keep using this for the life of the device or you money to replace them if you