Bob and Brad Tinnitus: New Tinnitus Treatment Hack?

What is Bob and Brad Tinnitus?

Bob and Brad Tinnitus is #1 Remedy for Tinnitus Primarily based on Science (In Our Opinion). Bob and Brad focus on Tinnitus therapy that’s backed by science.

Bob interviews Dr. Thompson from Treble Health. Dr. Ben Thompson is an audiologist, tinnitus expert. He received his Doctor of Audiology degree in 2018. From the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, California. Dr. Thompson completed his residency at the University of California at San Francisco. And is a past board member of the California Academy of Audiology. He received a certificate of competence in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy in 2021.

Dr. Thompson founded

Dr. Thompson founded Treble Health. This was formerly known as Pure Tinnitus in 2020. He has a popular YouTube channel and has created over 100 educational videos. The videos are about tinnitus management and hearing health. He enjoys outdoor adventure sports like trail running and surfing. So, Bob and Brad Tinnitus presented his interview here.

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22 thoughts on “Bob and Brad Tinnitus: New Tinnitus Treatment Hack?”

  1. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to Dr. Akintola on YouTube, his herbal medicine was so effective. Am finally cured of Tinnitus using his herbal mixture…so excited.

  2. Thank you so very much for this video. I have enjoyed your exercise and foam roller videos, but I appreciate your professional and scientific opinions on this tinnitus issue.

  3. wow, saying there is no real treatment is bullshit. While I have seen so many people get helped by so many different things. The thing is, that doctors don't actually give a crap and the research is so behind on the subject. Just find what works for you, become your own doctor. But even then you might find little relief, those two don't seem to get that so many people suffer from tinnitus cause of neck issues. And supposedly they are physiotherapists? so weird.

  4. 😞
    While I appreciate the analogies on acclimating to the external sounds, as has been done,
    it's QUITE another thing when the sounds are CONSTANT within one's head and ears.
    There is NO ESCAPING it.
    It does not stop.
    A person cannot simply step away from it or block it out.
    I've had this for more 2 and 1/2 years now and have tried several things.
    As you mentioned, Bob, in desperation, we sufferers of tinnitus will try almost anything that's suggested.
    I haven't gotten hearing aids yet; it's next on my attempt at relief.
    Believe it or not, certain 'tapping' DOES temporarily relieve some of the internal sounds.
    Mine are buzzing, thumping, and humming in both ears.
    I have constant vibrating in my right ear, and I can feel it from the sole of my foot.
    It travels through my bottom and up to my head.
    When the car is turned off, I still feel the motor running, as this is what's happening INSIDE.
    "Hang in there; good luck" were the words repeated at different appointments from both the audiologist and my ENT.
    It was evident they were not going to try and help me.
    I didn't realize you guys had a video on this.
    I guess it popped up, as I've been discussing it with my cousin recently.
    (Our devices truly hear us. 😬 It's scary)
    I will try some meditation.
    Vitamin B1 helps, and having a fan going all the time is great 'white noise' that soothes a bit.

  5. When you spoke of birds yapping in the morning, I laughed out loud…same happens here because I have a bush, they love ,about 8 feet from my day I got so mad at 5 am ,I went out with the broom and hit the branches..they stayed away for a couple of days…guess they figured there was a crazy person in that house….i didn't even care if neighbours saw me..makes me laugh to think of it now.

  6. The only time it really bothers me is in the middle of the night and I wake up and the tinnitus is very loud and sounds like water running! So I get up and walk around the house to see if the sound lessens if it doesn’t it is my tinnitus! During the day I’ve learned to ignore it!

  7. Two things that helped me… 1. Taking magnesium supplements. Might not have improved the tinnitus but it took the edge off of my reaction to it by having a calming effect overall. 2. Bought a 'noise machine' and learned something very important about how to use it. If I turn it up to the point that my tinnitus is no longer audible, sleep is impossible because it is so loud. What works for me is to turn it up to where it is just clearly audible, giving my mind something to hear that is external as opposed to only hearing what it internal and troublesome. I chose a sound that is basically brown noise, the sound that an air vent might make when the HVAC is running. Four years ago I thought I was going insane for about a month. Now… it would be nice if it got better but I can live with it.

  8. Thanks for doing this video. As much as it's sad to realise there is no cure for this at least you are honest in saying stuff others don't. Indeed i watched too many videos of idiots claiming to cure it by pulling the ear and do all sorts. YouTube should not allow such rubbish but hey it's business, right ?

  9. I will forever love Doctor Madida for his benevolence & assistance towards many people out there and for curing their disease and virus. I was herpes virus patient before but after using this mighty herbalist supplements I was cured.

  10. Hearing loss with mine. It's extremely loud! It's a roaring sound along with ringing. I have had it for over 20 years but it's gotten worse. I've become less sensitive to it. Only sometimes it bothers me. It's just the way it is. Shrug

  11. as always…thank you guys ! My tinnitus happened after someone yelled very close to my ear, so loudly that it made me dizzy for a few seconds. I use a fan, at night, to be able to sleep. It changes from buzzing, to humming, to ringing and then there are those rare times when it's gone. At least it's better than it was years ago…when I thought someone was running there truck outside my house.


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