Can Tight Neck Muscles Cause Tinnitus? Best Treatment for Neck-Tinnitus

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Can Tight Neck Muscles Cause Tinnitus?

🏋So what can we USE, NOW, from these research?
Set off Level Remedy appears to be efficient, particularly when finished properly for at the least 5-10 periods.
Stretching, Strengthening, and Practising Posture all through the day MAY be NECESSARY for VERY good outcomes.
STRETCHING and/or POSTURAL train ARE efficient, SPECIFICALLY stretches of the FRONT of the chest and shoulders, the SUBOCCIPITAL space, and the posterior neck, particularly the higher trapezius and levator scapula, muscle groups that connect the shoulder blade to the neck,… OR Postural workouts that CONTRACT the alternative muscle groups.
Be CONSISTENT. Practising these actions all through the day, virtually on a regular basis is CRITICAL to your success.
And be PERSISTENT. CERTAINLY, don’t EXPECT enchancment earlier than 6 weeks. If you already know your situation is said to your neck — see my different video for THAT reply — don’t give UP earlier than you give it a YEAR. I USUALLY see good enchancment in WEEKS with my protocols, however plainly SOME folks have to persist for a yr earlier than they see DRAMATIC outcomes. Even so, you CAN anticipate GRADUAL, constant enchancment alongside the way in which.
🚀Future Purposes:
I shall be integrating extra STEP-by-step VIDEO instruction, CAREFULLY strolling you thru my full Tinnitus Synergy program, which, along with the CBT and Auditory Remedy, contains the Set off Level Remedy, Stretching, Strengthening, and Posture coaching. Then we shall be making it obtainable on the APP, for individuals who need an additional serving to hand to IMPLEMENT these methods.
One other factor we have to see is extra schooling of pros that these methods are so useful. A technique we hope to do this is by getting our app into the fingers of many audiologists and ENTs. As we DO that, we intend to be CERTIFYING every of them by means of a brief instructional program in regards to the many options obtainable to tinnitus victims. This Persistent and CONSISTENT, STRETCHING, RELAXATION, and POSTURE strategy will definitely be included in that schooling.

Keep tuned for the following episode. I’ll cowl …. the easiest way to deal with Jaw Tinnitus/ One of the simplest ways to remain linked to tinnitus analysis and remedy functions, in addition to being NOTIFIED of latest therapies and video postings, is to subscribe to our e-mail e-newsletter at . Thanks, and should God bless you.🔻

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VIDEO hyperlink: Find out how to Know if YOUR neck is inflicting your tinnitus. –


39 thoughts on “Can Tight Neck Muscles Cause Tinnitus? Best Treatment for Neck-Tinnitus”

  1. I used to get massages. I haven’t had a good one where they stretched my neck in a while … I do clench my teeth when I sleep and also have tinnitus. Any suggestions would be. Welcome. Thanks Do. C !

  2. Hello doctor,
    I have watched all your videos since I got tinnitus, your videos are very helpful. I have constant headaches, dizziness and pain in my neck, I have high frequency hearing loss in my right ear all my tests are fine , I started acupuncture and I want to know if you think it’s a option for me

  3. I m facing tinnitus since 3 years in both ears.. ringing..! Bt when i bend my neck or move neck one difrent sound of hissing started came and if i stand staright position its gone.. pls suggest sir.. i have pain in my shoulders and neck as well since 1.5 year

  4. Hello doctor,
    I was in constant stress. And uncontrolled thoughts were running with less sleep.

    I started hearing humming sounds from both ears.

    I have add MRI brain and spine. Reports came out Normal
    I have add my autometry test. No hearing loss.

    I took congnivel tablets – not helping.

    I have neck pain from quite long time.
    Please advice and help

  5. /hypermovbile person here) i started to have this since 4 days ago, i noticed to day, that when i woke up in the morning i dont have it, but only when i get up the bed; also if y fix my posture, it decrease a lot or even complete gone, it swicht to my left ear also or goes betwen each ear but not so louder, also when i laydonw on bed it increase a lot, i will try this. thanks c:. Also mine jaw hurts a little bit some times

  6. This talk is primarily this guy talking about several common papers out there to assist with tinnitus, without really discussing the underlying issues that can cause tinnitus or things that can resolve it (e.g. nerve block on C2-C3 ventrical great auricular nerve)

    Skip to the 14:00 mark for the meat of this presentation of this person thinks helps. Note that in the comments he lists each paper he's talking about. I'd pay attention to the last two or three links, and I'd also watch 'Tinnitus Clues' by Dr. Yiannios of CNOtmj

  7. I have bean experiencing tinnitus since few weeks , I have it in both ears but since few days I am experiencing pain in my neck area , is this related to tinnitus ?
    Will it will go away completely by these excercises?
    I am also experiencing stuffy nose along with this.
    Kindly help

  8. My ENT doctor ask me to go for speech therapy for neck muscles is it stresses fear anxiety causes for tinnitus? I am suffering a lot..the tinnitus is worsening now😔..I couldn't do anything ..its so hard for me to do any work can these exercises helps to relieve from tinnitus sir?

  9. Man I love this video you are incredibly thorough and I can tell you are very much interested in giving people results and relief, I’ve been stumbling my way towards neck and jaw tension as the culprit of my tinnitus, headaches, I definitely got rid of my dizziness with neck/posture work. Look forward to looking at more of your posts. Thanks again God Bless.

  10. Many thx for your videos and careful explantions. I suffer from a hearable tension for 6 years in my head, neck and right ear. I said tension because I also hear a tinnitus around 8000Hz, which is a result of this « tension ». I can calm the tinnitus but not the tension. I feel it 24/7. Nobody found an explanation or cause. Could it be similar to what you’re explaning in this video?

  11. I had cervical disc herniations and then about 2 months later, my head started ringing on the left side. And it’s been there ever since. Is it treatable or a forever thing ? I never had tinnitus before the cervical disc herniation

  12. As well as the dreaded T in my left ear, which is damaged with significant hearing loss, a few after that kicked off I began hearing ticking/clicking sounds, sometimes spasms, in my right ear, which I can produce by squeezing the SCM. Initially I could find nothing online about this, which I've found in many ways more difficult than my left ear, particularly as there is a clear cause/effect factor. Range of motion etc in my neck is not too bad, but these infernal sounds….Thanks for this. Any guidance, useful tips are much appreciated.

  13. My tinnitus was start from left and turn on right now they in both ear sometimes left or rigtj get louder. Been have this for 3 years 🙂 i accepted it will be there always

  14. Dr Jay thanks for the very informative video, I had gone to a chiropractor a few months ago for treatment regarding my back, the chiropractor manipulated my neck during the session, the next day I could not move my neck, Had severe neck pain, dizziness, suddenly after 4 weeks my right ear started ringing Got my ear checked no problems there, then I researched more turns out stiff neck muscles can cause ringing in the ears, I notice whenever i massage my neck the ringing turns so low its barely audible and due to the injury my necks been stiff and painful for the last 4 months, but I started going to a trigger point therapist for my neck the past 2 months and the neck has been recovering steadily, the therapist told me my scm, traps, scalene, sub occipitals have all been tightened up due to the chiropractors adjustment and could definitely have caused the ringing. My neck has been 60 percent healed now with no pain, But its still extremely stiff and the tightness also radiates to the chest and shoulders (tightness reducing gradually every month). I guess it will take 2 or 3 more months to completely heal, do you think going to a trigger point therapist and also practicing your methods constantly will make the ringing go away, once the neck heals? because i am pretty sure the ringing started due to my neck

    Thank you so much once again.


  15. ingilizce bilmiyorum ama resimler bana cok mantikli geldi . dişimi yaptiriken agzimi cok actigim bi sirada kulagin cinlamaya basladi ve 2 senedir devam ediyor . tesekkurler doktor .

  16. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for the comprehensive work Dr. Jay Hobbs has accomplished on the subject and also for making all this information available for the public. Congratulations.

  17. Thank you for these information.
    l wanna ask one question.
    I had straight neck and muscle spasm from about 12 year and had TMJD from about 5 years and tinnitus from one year.
    Is physical therapy on neck muscles will be effective for tinnitus?


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