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BEST Invisible Hearing Aids of 2022 | 4 Top Rated IIC Hearing Aids

BEST Invisible Listening to Aids of 2022 | 4 Prime Rated Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) Units. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, critiques the Greatest Invisible in Canal Listening to Aids of 2022.

Greatest Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Listening to Aids of 2022 –
Greatest Customized In-The-Ear (ITE) Listening to Aids of 2022 –
Greatest Energy Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Listening to Aids of 2022 – Coming Quickly!
Greatest Bluetooth Listening to Aids of 2022 – Coming Quickly!

0:00 – Introduction
2:04 – Discover a Greatest Apply Professional
2:54 – Phonak Lyric Listening to Assist
6:38 – Starkey Evolv Ai Non-Wi-fi IIC Listening to Assist
8:43 – Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium IIC Listening to Assist
10:35 – Signia Silx X (Xperience) CIC Listening to Assist

What are Greatest Practices? –
Phonak Lyric Assessment –
Starkey Evolv Ai Assessment –
Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium Assessment – Coming Quickly!
Signia Silk Nx Assessment – Coming Quickly!

There are numerous invisible listening to aids out there in the marketplace. Some are undoubtedly higher than others. Here’s a very quick record of the Greatest Invisible listening to aids which are presently out there in the marketplace in 2022.


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  • Hi Dr. Cliff, I'd like you to give me some advice on choosing a pair of hearing aids, I don't know what to choose from starkey or phonak I mention I want something invisible that's better, I can't decide?

  • I started with cic type of hearing aid... It did not make me hear properly.. So my audiologist says ric is more better for me.... Is there any option for me in invisible criteria

  • Hi Dr. Olson, that was really wonderful video. I am physician who frequently use stethoscope, I want to ask you which hearing aids are compatible with the stethoscope, is receiver in canal type of hearing aids are compatible or only invisible in the air are compatible to use with a stethoscope?

  • I'm from India and want to take a Phonek lyric hearing aids please guide me how will receive phonak lyrics invisible hearing aids

  • Thanks for your videos, they are helpful in deciding on the best hearing aids. I ordered a custom set of Phonak Virto P90 Titanium CIC hearing aids and this is my feedback: I have been trying them for about a month. My main complaint is when I talk, my voice sounds like I have a head cold. My provider says that this is due to the lower frequency sounds being trapped between the aid and the ear drum. Wearing these aids feels like my ears are plugged but I can also hear better (very strange). We are sending these back to Phonak to have them drill out the vent hole that will help to release the trapped frequencies. But my provider said that, even with the drilling, they will never be like the quality of hearing that the RIC hearing aids would give. In the interim they gave me Oticon More RIC hearing aids. The difference in my hearing with these hearing aids is like "night and day". With the Ponak, I find myself having to pay close attention so I can understand people, with the Oticon, my hearing is effortless. My suggestion for your reviews on the CIC, IIC aids would be to discuss the "downside" of these hearing aids (which is significant). My opinion is that there is absolutely no comparison to the quality of my hearing when putting these two "side by side". The Oticon More being the winner by far.

  • Tried the Lyrics, never had an earache before until using these, the pain was excruciating. Plus $ 4000.00 per year, no thank you !