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BEST Hearing Aids of 2021 | In-The-Ear Version | Custom & Non-Custom ITEs

BEST Listening to Aids of 2021 | In-The-Ear Model | Customized & Non-Customized ITEs. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses his picks for the TOP Customized and Non-Customized In-The-Ear Listening to Aids as we enter 2021.

Greatest Practices Video:

Greatest Receiver-In-Canal Listening to Aids of 2021 Video:

Phonak Virto Marvel Black Listening to Assist, ReSound Quattro Customized Listening to Assist, Signia Silk X Xperience Listening to Assist, Starkey Livio Edge Ai Customized Listening to Assist, Phonak Lyric Listening to Assist


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  • What happens if you are out of town when the battery dies with the Lyric? Are you stuck with an ear plug or can you remove it yourself?

  • In essence, ALL hearing aid companies formed one big monopoly and forced BELLTONE out. How underhanded and rotten.

  • Dr. Cliff. First, I feel like you are not being totally upfront with me. You are saying that…..other than BELLTONE…….I can choose any hearing aid company that I want. Go to them, be assessed, and choose from the many brands that they carry. Meaning that ALL companies carry the SAME brands. Say company A carries 5 brands of aids. Around the corner Company B also sells those same 5 brands. And on and on. Everyone is connected with eachother. Everyone except BELLTONE, that is. BELLTONE is a private company that makes one brand…….maybe one brand that has a lower model, a medium model, and a higher priced model. Other than that, they offer no other. Now, all of those other companies out there……they carry different BRANDS, showing me that they are tied into eachother, making money with eachother, because waaaaaay up at the very top of this, one giant company owns all of those smaller hearing aid companies. And BELLTONE is all on its own while the Big Boys just grind away at BELLTONE……..until one day they run that very old company out of business.

  • Steve Freed
    I have Resound and also Phonak hearing aids and would like to know if the Resound TV Streamer that works for ReSound, Beltone, and Cochlear hearing aids will also work with my Phonak aids; they both have low-Energy Bluetooth?

  • Is there an in-ear hearing aid that is considered open/vented? I don't like the plugged up feeling.

  • I've been wearing the Lyric since 2011. It's definitely true that nobody will know you are wearing a hearing aid, but the cost is what will get you. They are $1,750-2,250 for each ear depending where you go and that is also only the price PER YEAR. It's a subscription device but I will say that I believe the sound is much more natural than any digital hearing aid out there.
    Also, if your traveling and the devices die, you pretty screwed unless you have back ups. This has happened to me multiple times traveling internationally. Because they aren't exactly quick to remove and put back in, I for the most part haven't gotten into a pool or an ocean since 2011. I'm still a Lyric user, 10 years strong.

  • white Space Left I´ve got the Rexton Inox CIC 60 80c and enjoying it, just to curiosity... is it comparable to Signa Silk Xperience?