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Audien Hearing ATOM PRO Hearing Aid — REVIEW

Audien Hearing ATOM PRO Hearing Aid -- REVIEW

Do you know that 15% of adults report issues with their listening to and that 1 in 8 adults 12 or older have measurable listening to loss in each ears? One resolution: The Audien Listening to ATOM PRO reasonably priced listening to help. Actually, it seems like earbuds however when you’re dwelling with even modest listening to loss it is a recreation changer. Tech knowledgeable Dave Taylor checks out the ATOM PRO listening to help and finds it surprisingly helpful and efficient.


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  • I just bought them for my tinnitus issues, they claim it would help, but do they?
    I just put them in and tinnitus is really loud, Maybe it will help, I do notknow yet

  • I really like this sound enhancement hearing aid. I purchased them but returned them for two reasons. First, my left ear had been injured and then reinjured when hard wax was removed. Ear surgeon had to remove hard wax and scab that formed, and used surgical technique to properly seal ear wall to prevent future scabing. Second problem was occlusion. The solid dome tips aggravate occlusion. Have purchased a less expensive set of invisible sound enhancers with both perforated and open dome tips. They do a great job with occlusion. Now, if Audien had open or perforated dome tips for the Atom Pro hearing aid, I'd buy a pair and keep them.

  • These are a scam and not a hearing aid! You will be unsatisfied and mislead with this product. In fact this company was just fined thousands of dollars for misleading people. Do true research! You will only waist your money here.

  • Great introduction about this hearing aid.That's right,there are many people(most of seniors with aging hearing loss problem) have hearing loss problem who need hearing aid assistant.The Audien hearing aid is OK,and the earsmate hearing aid will be optional too.

  • Just my opinion,but What a con job, Wear this type of amplifier too long and you’ll destroy some of the frequencies that you already hear. Just like working in a factory or going to an extremely loud concert. Your taking a chance, good luck.