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6 years with this. Anybody have the same type as me?

I hear a lot that people have high pitch ringing.. I have that too but also a low pitch loud hum.. never heard anybody else having that. I’m curious as to if anybody else does?

My right ear has an almost constant very high pitched “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and never goes away. When absolutely silent..and I mean not a noise around me it’s an EXTREMELY loud and very LOW pitched humming noise like “HMMMMMMMM” that goes from low to super loud within 3 seconds. I’ve never let it go on more than like 10 seconds. I’m just afraid to do it. It’s like a living hell. It’s a torment. I haven’t heard silence in 6 years and never will.. people love to go out to the park and enjoy sounds of nature.. me? I dont hear nature. I hear this noise in my ear. What even is tinnitus? What causes the sound? Where does it come from?

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