Factor that Impacts the Cost of Hearing Aids: Bundled or Unbundled?

Factor that Impacts the Cost of Hearing Aids. Issue that Impacts the Value of Listening to Aids | Bundled vs. Unbundled vs. Hybrid. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses the largest issue that may influence the worth you pay for listening to aids.

Factor that Impacts the Cost of Hearing Aids

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19 thoughts on “Factor that Impacts the Cost of Hearing Aids: Bundled or Unbundled?”

  1. We have tried bundled and unbundled and I found that for my patients, bundled provided a far better long term success and we had much better compliance with aftercare. We then attempted a hybrid model, and I definitely found some down sides. First, for most patients it ended up being a bundled care package anyway, but for those it didn’t it ended up being a clunky, unwieldy sort of system. “Doc, I know that you did the annual test five months ago, but I was in a car accident / finished chemo / fired a gun without protection / etc and now I can’t seem to hear as well.” And now I’m pulling up price sheets for testing and reprogramming.

    For my clinic and patients what I have found is a transparent bundled model has served us the best. We sell everything together for a one time fee, our bundled care does not expire, and when you come in for your service appointments we hand you a form detailing the services that we performed and the standard fees for those services so patients know exactly what they are receiving. It has proven to be the best model for us.

  2. Dr. Cliff, I am on my first set of hearing aids, Phonak Audeo Marvel's, and I believe I had followed up care with my purchase. I really did not need much follow up care. So my question is, what type of follow up care and initial services could be offered? Maybe a video on this topic would be helpful. If I know what potential services I may need in the future would be beneficial. Also, as the amount of technology crammed inside the units increase, I imagine the need for follow up also increases. I am looking at the Paradise RT so adding additional costs could be an issue.

  3. Hi Dr. Cliff. I've thought about this question a lot, and I think it fits in this segment. How do you know if your hearing aids are defective? Frankly, I don't trust the local audiologists to protect the client on this.

  4. Here is another CON for bundled or hybrid: what if you move out of the area before your paid-for services are finished? So if you think you may be making a move in the next year or so, maybe unbundled is the best approach.

  5. I am a first time hearing aid user so I selected the bundle because I don't know what kinds of services I will require. Good thing, because I exchanged my hearing aids during the trial period so I have had a second fitting which I did not have to pay additional fees for because I bundled. Next purchase I will have more of an idea of what I need in the way of services.

  6. Hmmm…. "If you know you'll need lots of follow up visits, get the bundled plan", etc. How the hell would a person know what they will need in the future? This is the big unknown isn't it?

  7. To be knowledgeable to what you pay and for transparencies sake we need to know the markup for hearing aids. In other words what is the average percent of profit for a pair of hearing aids to the Clinic? Or what is the average dollar profit for a pair?

  8. The issue I have come across with some hearing care providers is they do not offer an unbundled option, or maybe they do not advertise it.
    One of the cons of having a bundled service which I am not sure if it was mentioned in the video is that a person may not use the paid for hearing care to the max…i.e., avoiding those routine hearing aid maintenance checkups. I think the choice depends on the individuals needs and if that person is going to be proactive in getting the necessary hearing care. The Hybrid option looks appealing. Any way Dr. Cliff did a good job explaining the three options.

  9. Please make a video about the Kanso from Cochlear and about Cochlear Implant activation and about the Aqua Case from Advanced Bionics vs. the Neptune Soundprocessor from Advanced Bionics

    Sorry That was a lot

  10. Resound RE BTE 88 are NOT The newest technology at all, are they? They aren't the one series and I got quoted $6500 ! I really think this is a racket. I really thought I could get Phonaks .. she wouldn't even talk about them…


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