noise pollution and tinnitus

Tinnitus Nearing Epidemic Status World-Wide

Global Tinnitus Epidemic?

noise pollution and tinnitusEvery year, millions of ordinary people with diverse lifestyles, start to experience ringing in the ears. This is how tinnitus starts. According to the American Tinnitus Association, as many as 50 million Americans may be suffering from tinnitus. Some even suggest that the problem is going globally, as the life styles of people in the digital age are becoming more of similar.

One of the causes of tinnitus is hearing loud voice for a prolonged time. In previous decades it was only people who work in a factory or in the military that were affected. But now, everyone sticking headphones in their ears and listening to loud music nearly every hour of the day, has caused occurrence of tinnitus to rise significantly.

Mobile phones are in almost everyone’s hand now. People with poor economical situation have mobile phones and know how to use them to listen to music.

Noise pollution and tinnitus

This could be one of the reasons why tinnitus is mentioned everywhere in the world these days. Lots of substances, medications, noisy cities, TVs, computers and everything that keeps pumping loud voices to our ears is an added problem.

Don’t be surprised that the condition is not well understood and is currently not treatable through medical interventions. Tinnitus is a non-life threatening condition, but can cause lots of suffering to the victim. Though there is no urgency to cure it, there is a great need to silence those buzzing ears. Anyone who has it knows it’s profound effect on quality of life.

One of the problems with finding a cure is that it is very difficult to pin-point the cause. There are 17 known causes and that list is growing by the day. How can you find a cure when the cause can’t even be pin-pointed?

The undesired benefit of tinnitus

It may be strange to suggest that there is benefit to having your ears ring. There is actually one benefit that to high blood pressure sufferers.  Tinnitus could serve as a warning sign of a higher blood pressure. As the pressure rises, the ringing in the ears gets noisier.

So, here we come again to a world wide problem, hypertension. There are millions of people affected by hypertension. The main reason is usually obesity, high-salt diet and sedentary life style. Highly processed food is saturating the markets and it is very difficult to find natural foods. People are forced to eat chemical laced food that have high sugar and salt in them. when you couple this with a sedentary life, the end result will be a higher blood pressure.

People with higher blood pressure will usually experience tinnitus. Hence, tinnitus is going global again. Let us keep in mind that the problem of experiencing tinnitus has many sides. There may not be any cure for the problem as it is hard to fix some of the lifestyle issues.

If you don’t have tinnitus now, be sure that it may come to you after sometime. Try to avoid noise and stress in your life. Notice how our life is crowded with noise everywhere. If you have a home that doesn’t have many noises, you will definitely get it from the road in the nearby or the airplanes passing just over your roof.

Complicated life with little hope of getting silent. Just be aware that the more noisier the environment around you, you are closer to experiencing ringing in the ears.

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