Top Four Techniques To Help You Save A Whole Lot On Your Upcoming Wedding Event

Every year, thousands upon thousands of pairs begin arranging their weddings. While some of them don't worry one little bit on the subject of money & expenses, many other couples try to find any and every crackpot choice to save on the budget. The idea may just be as simple as the bride wearing a pre-owned wedding dress or as involved as buying the decors and formulating all the wedding decoration ideas alone.

Does this seem at all like you and your soon to be husband, or wife? Well, if it does, you're really going to have the desire to make use of these cheap wedding reception ideas. They won't solve all your wedding expense concerns, but they may stretch out that small budget of yours far beyond it's boundaries.

Cheap Wedding Reception Tips...

1. Food is Food. You don't need to have caviar, Alaskan king crab, oysters, lobster, or even fillet-mignon wrapped in bacon in order for your wedding guests to be content with the food. Serve simple stuff that are cheap and may be easily prepared. Not only will this allow you to offer more choices, it'll allow you to save all the more on the budget too. As if that weren't enough, with a buffet style reception, you'll also be able to cut out the individual servers and their outrageous fee.

2. Leave Your Ego At the Door to Save on Decors. Ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, chandeliers, customized & engraved silverware, as well as antique vases and paintings DO NOT make wedding events more enjoyable. These items do is escalate the budget and make it harder for you to pay for the things that simply matter.

Stick with easy and cheap wedding reception accessories if you would like to save. Candles, ribbons, theme colored balloons, pictures & picture frames, aesthetic fruit bowls, theme colored table cloths & napkins, and anything else you can purchase cheap from a wholesale dealer or wedding supply retailer. These items primarily won't strain the budget and you can get a whole heck of a lot for very, very little.

3. Boozing Translates as Loosing. There is not much wrong with serving champagne, beer, or even wine at your wedding event -- after all, it is a celebration. But nevertheless, any type of hard liquor is a serious no-no. Not only can an open bar expand your budget dramatically, it suggests that you don't actually mind if guests get completed smashed. Keep in mind, this is a celebration of love, it isn't a college frat party.

Quick Tip: To enormously increase savings potential, buy all the drinks on your own (in bulk) and serve them yourself.

4. Less Translates as More. What does this mean? Simple, inviting significantly less people equates to more savings for you. This is a tip not only for making a cheap wedding reception, but for establishing an all around less expensive wedding. Less people means fewer invitations to prepare/order, less meals to serve, fewer drinks to be drunk, a smaller sized reception hall, fewer decorations, and also a much smaller cake. A reduced "this" and fewer of "that" might not seem like a great money saving idea (right now), but that's primarily because you're not looking at the big picture. Once all those savings are tallied and then combined as a whole, it's surely quite incredible how much the savings come to by inviting fewer people.

Quick Note: You don't really have to dwindle the guest list down to 10 people to generate a cheap wedding reception. Honestly, you just have to be a bit more strict with the invitation list "policy". Try not to invite every person you know or have had a talk with. Be intelligent and stick to inviting friends, family, loved ones, and even a few co-workers that you genuinely like.

These 4 simple tips can help even the most budget sore pairs create a fun, yet remarkably cheap wedding reception.

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