One Thing To Watch Out For Is That When You Initiate More Backlinks Google Will First Drop Your Ranking, So Don't Worry

A backlink is a phrase, word or domain name that is on another web site different from yours so that if it is clicked it can lead back to your website.

The anchor text is a term for the text that you usually see highlighted and when clicked it will take you to the appropriate page on a web site.

Why build backlinks?

When carried out properly backlinks means free website traffic and free traffic equals passive income.

You can get backlinks for free by submitting articles to different article directories or you can comment on other peoples blogs to acquire your links.

Simply to point out that certain directories will merely allow "no-follow" links which signifies that it won't be recognised by Google and therefore you won't climb the ladder of Google's search engine results. Although this can also be a benefit as you require a random combination of follow and no-follow to make it look natural.

Start getting links on low ranking sites can be a great way to start then build up to high ranking ones with time. To keep on the good side of Google attempt to use different and diverse anchor text, if the web-site was to do with sports cars you could use anchor text like, "sports cars in the U.S.A", "amazing sports cars" and "fans of sports cars."

Never use backlink generator application to get backlinks machine gunned all over the place in a short period of time. Google may smell automation a mile away! Always get it done manually and slower the better.

Try to set up your backlinks are as follows:

50% of your backlinks should point to your home page

50% of your backlinks should point to a variety of inner pages

Use high quality content while building your links ideally using keyword research and get links from a variety of different Page Ranking sites. It might look suspicious if they all came from sites of the identical ranking. The overall idea is to make it appear as natural as possible and not contrived.

The two major factors in ranking as far as Google is careful is age and the quantity of quality backlinks leading to your site. Not just the age of your web site but the age of your links, Google in fact ignores links which are less than 3 months old!

One thing to be aware of is that when you initiate more backlinks Google will first drop your ranking, so don't panic. If you are doing everything right your ranking will eventually come back and should increase to higher than before.

As I have mentioned to become a great backlink builder your strategy should be carried out gradually over time, at least a six months plan if not 1 year. This means allot of people can become disheartened and give up because they don't see instant results, so be patient. It's also worth noting that your ranking may increase without a traffic rise. Traffic will only start to go up significantly when you get onto the first page the search engine results. So plan ahead, take it easy and keep a good backlink watch diary with all your percentages and measures taken. Be in the game for the long term and ultimately you will be rewarded by finding out how to create a passive income?

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