coffee prevent ears ringing

Does Coffee Prevent Ears Ringing?

Does Coffee Prevent Ears Ringing?

coffee prevent ears ringingIf you are wondering if coffee prevent ears ringing or not, i am afraid the answer is not that simple. You can find articles that indicate caffeine could aggravate tinnitus.

It is not only caffeine, there are some other known stimulants that do same. Tinnitus gets better in a quite and calmer state of the body. The more we are stressed or stimulated, it tends to get worse.

But that is not a conclusion some researchers agree upon. They say it is just a myth. There is no connection between tinnitus and caffeine. In fact tinnitus is mostly a symptom of some underlying health issue. Caffeine can cause insomnia. That insomnia may be the aggravating factor for the tinnitus. So, cutting back coffee just before going to bed may help. But some deny the fact that coffee can cause or aggravate tinnitus.

Drinking coffee in moderation may not harm anything. But as it is a stimulant, it can cause some disturbances in our systems. It is a good idea to cut back on coffee anyway. But thinking that drinking coffee can prevent tinnitus is not that reasonable.

Why not do your own study?

There is something that any tinnitus sufferer can do to know if coffee prevent ears ringing. Make your own little research and see if cutting back or adding more will affect your tinnitus. Doing a formal research is not that easy. You must implement so many rules of a research. There is no way only one person can be involve ed in a research. But you are not trying to make a statement. You only want to see if your tinnitus can be improved by drinking more coffee.

What we can take from all these discussion points is that drinking coffee may not prevent tinnitus. The researches already done indicate that it may aggravate it. It is you then that can decide which helps your tinnitus.

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