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Best Way To Get Rid Of A Double Chin: Try Chin Exercise

Best Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin? Read On

get rid of a double chinCan you imagine looking in the mirror everyday and seeing that double chin staring right back at you? But there is a best way to get rid of a double chin really. Double chin can be caused by a wide variety of things. It could have genetic traits and this is one thing that you can blame on your parents. Other double chin causes include obesity, poor posture and lack of

facial muscle exercises

There are things that help you get rid of double chin

  • Steady weight loss program

Everyone knows any weight loss program should be consistent and regular to get results from it. Thought double chin may not be caused by fat deposit under shin, weight loss will always has a positive effect on reducing it. You don’t have to really suffer to lose weight. It is always a combination of modest exercise and strict weight loss diet that gets you results.

Of course, this journey takes some time and needs one to stick to the program or the weight will soon come back. If you don’t want to struggle and do lots of heave-duty exercises try Smoothie Diet.

  • smoothiedietChew Gum to help strengthen facial muscles

chewing a gum frequently has been a very helpful way of reducing double chin in many people. Facial exercises that reduce double chin often imitate the exact movement you make while chewing gum. So it makes perfect sense that chewing gum could help reduce a double chin. You better chew sugar free gum to keep the calorie count low. It also protects you from having a damaged teeth.

  • Do Chin Exercises as often

Chin exercises for double chin reduction are also useful. Try to incorporate them into your daily routine. For quick results it is advisable to perform the exercises for double chin reduction several times throughout the day.

Best Exercises for Double Chin Reduction?

weight loss exerciseFor so many years people believed that the chin was the most difficult area to target with exercises. The truth is that there are exercises that specifically target the chin. They are really highly effective at reducing fat under your chin. Try these exercises to get rid of a double chin;

Exercise 1

  1. Cover your top lip with your lower lip to stretch the skin of your chin
  2. Inhale through your nose while tilting your head back so that you’re looking straight up
  3. Hold your breath and remain in this position for ten seconds
  4. Exhale as you slowly lower your head into a neutral position

Repeat this three or four times and work your way up to fifteen over time. Work this into your daily routine and perform the exercise two or three different times throughout your day.

Exercise 2

  1. Stand in a position where you’re comfortable and your head is in a natural position
  2. Pull your chin up to the point where you feel your muscles tense and stretched
  3. Hold the position and count to ten and relax

Begin with two or three of these in a session as a beginner. You can build up to ten in one session as you feel comfortable to do them. Repeat the sessions two or three times throughout your day.

Exercise 3

  1. Stand or sit in a natural position
  2. Open your mouth as wide as possible
  3. Extend your tongue (stick your tongue out) as far as it can go
  4. Hold this position and count to ten and relax.

Start with a few few of these exercises in a day and work up to ten. Repeat the process several times throughout the day as you feel comfortable to do so.

These exercises for reducing double chin can be done whenever you have free time. You can do them while getting ready for work in the morning or any other time you have few minutes of free time. The best exercises to get rid of double chin are the ones that you are willing to commit to. It is just as anything in life. If you dedicate yourself to get rid of that flap under your chin without surgery, then be steady in your exercises.

Cosmetic Surgery for Instant Double Chin Reduction

facialcosmeticsurgeryThe other way of removing a double chin and is effective, of course, is cosmetic surgery. Double chin reduction is a fairly common procedure in the plastic surgery field. But the cost is not that affordable for most people. Double chin reduction surgery is very effective and relatively safe procedure. Your plastic surgeon will make every precaution not to cause any unexpected outcomes like infection.

The problem most people have with the alternatives is that they all, without fail, take a little more time for visible results than the double chin cosmetic surgery option. Unless you consider the amount of time it takes to make and save the money required to have the surgery.

Exercise and weight reduction will always be the Best Way To Get Rid Of A Double Chin. If you’re bothered by the idea of having this problem, then you need to make an active effort to get rid of it. There is very little you can do about your genetics background.  However, you can definitely change the situation through ways that are out there for you.


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